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New knife for my collection

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  • New knife for my collection

    Picked this up today. Like the look.


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    Looks I could find a use or two for one like that.
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      My wife got me the full size Tracker back in 2008 for Christmas. I love it. I hope you have the best of luck with yours.
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        Ever seen the movie The Hunted? You can see how (fictionally) effective that knive can be.


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          TOPS Knives are just soooo good, got my small TB's scout almost every where I go.
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            I had the full size a minute ago and it was a heafty knife but wasnt good for what I purchased it for. Now the one you got (looks like the Tom Brown Tracker #2) would fit my use just fine. Lets see it in action man.

            TOPS knives I do wanna get are the Pry knife and the ecEST Alpha. Just dont have the coin.