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    Has anyone tried lubing their 1911 Pistol with Synthetic Automotive oil? I have a few extra quarts of Mobile 1 20-50W synthetic motor oil, which could be a lifetime supply of lube for my 1911's, I am not sure if I want to be the first to try it. My last car went over 250,000 miles with this oil, so I think it protects, but not sure if it will work so well in a pistol.


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    Ask Shep for his recipe, I made a gallon of it. It's da bomb!
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      Straight synthetic motor oil will work just fine, that's all Ken Hackathorn ever uses.

      Here's what I use:
      2-Quarts Synthetic Motor Oil.
      1-Quart Automatic Transmission Fluid. Brand and spec don't matter.
      1-Bottle of original STP. The blue bottle.
      1-7 oz. jar of Hoppe's #9

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        When I shot IPSC all I used was synthetic motor oil on my .45's.
        I found it stayed put under high heat better than some other lubes.
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          I would use 0w-15 or similar if running in colder weather.

          My favorite rail lube is Lucas semi-synthetic engine assembly lube. It's made to protect new bearings at startup, and if you think about it, every cycle of an autopistol is a dry start.



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            Mobil AW-1 grease, a tube lasts for years. Buy one of the cheap empty syringes and just fill it from the tube. Works great on my trucks u-joints and stuff too.
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