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  • 2010 fundraiser

    This is from Bill Lomeli and any questions or donations should be directed to him.

    Dear Friends of Sgt. Ryan,

    I am on the committee for the Black Rock Fish and Game Benefit for Sgt. Ryan. Please consider mentioning, posting at your local deli, club, etc and or adding the attached flyer to your newsletters, passing it on to friends, family and associates. This is THE big fundraiser for Sgt. Ryan this year and we hope to make it a good one to cover his expenses not covered by the VA. Fundraisers and support for Eddie via donations for shirts have really tapered off over the last year or two but the need for financial support is still there.

    In addition to the event on Saturday May 22, 2010 we have a raffle for Eddie’s benefit and tickets are for sale now. I will always have tickets on me and would be glad to send them out to anyone interested in purchasing some. I only ask that you make checks payable to “Black Rock Fish and Game,” and in the memo section write “Sgt. Ryan Benefit,” mailed to my address below and please enclose a SASE for your ticket stubs. Please be sure to include your phone number in case you win.

    Here is what we have for a raffle:

    1st Prize Gold Necklace, Gold Bracelet, Gold Ring Donated by Barry's Estate Jewelry
    2nd Prize 4 Tickets Notre Dame vs. Navy @ Meadowlands 10/23/2010
    3rd Prize Premium Basket of Cheer
    Drawing Held on May 22, 2010
    Donation $1.oo ea. - 6 for $5.00
    *Winner need not be present to be eligible

    All funds will go through Black Rock and a check will be cut to Eddie after the event. ALL proceeds over minor costs go to Sgt. Ryan. We are all volunteers and nobody involved is getting paid or making any money on the event. So far we are very lucky with local merchants stepping up and donating food, wine, beer, etc.

    A quick update on Eddie’s health, he is now unfortunately blind in his right eye from his injuries but his spirits remain high and he is still the dedicated, motivated Marine Scout Sniper we all know and love. He is now able to eat on his own and every time I see him he continues to improve. Your donations and support have made his quality of life better and have helped ease the financial burden put on his family because they choose to have Eddie live at home in dignity surrounded by those he loves rather than in a VA nursing home. For your support, love and prayers the Ryan family is forever grateful.

    I will continue to help Sgt Ryan for as long as there is a need and I am able to do so. I know times are tough for many of us but please consider attending the benefit if you can, it is a great time for adults as well as kids and we have a lot of great things planned for the day as well as some great prizes to be raffled off. The pavilion is very large so this is a rain or shine event.

    If you have any connections or contacts for donations or prizes for the raffle table please contact me privately.

    If you have any further questions feel free to contact me as well. For admission tickets please contact any of the committee members listed on the flyer. We should have admission tickets in hand by the end of the week.

    Thank you and Semper Fi,

    William LoMeli

    PO Box 246

    Salisbury Mills, NY 12577

    845-492-1023 cell

    Please help a wounded Marine on his road to recovery.

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    I'll take $50 worth of tickets for Sniper's Paradise. I'll get a check out ASAP.

    If I win one of the prizes for Sniper's Paradise, I'll raffle it off here on SP and donate 100% of those winnings to Sgt Ryan.

    Semper Fi!

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      Thank you sir.


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        Please help if you can! This ain't no BS fundraiser this is the real deal and they could use your help.

        Thanks, flea
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