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2012 American Snipers Rifle Raffle

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  • markII
    started a topic 2012 American Snipers Rifle Raffle

    2012 American Snipers Rifle Raffle

    As a part of the 2012 NorCal TBRC SureFire Invitational competition this year, we want to do something special to help support the efforts of, as they are the premier organization supporting the efforts of US military and law enforcement snipers around the world.
    Before we dig into the details of this package I would like to thank all of our generous sponsors that donated towards this effort. It is their generosity that has made this project possible. Each and every company I contacted was very supportive and donated without hesitation the needs of NCPPRC making this project a reality.

    Rifle Specs:
    1) Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles did all the gunsmithing and built the rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor
    2) Stiller Precision Firearms donated a TAC 30AW w/20MOA base, 10rd AW Magazine, and recoil lug.
    3) Victor Company donated an AICS 2.0 stock with Viper Skins w/ accessories rails.
    4) Vortex Optics donated a 6-24x Viper PST Mil/Mil FFP scope w/ rings.
    5) Bartlein Barrels donated a 6.5mm 1:8.5 twist M24 contour barrel.
    6) Phantom Finishing coated the barreled action.
    7) SureFire donated one of their Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Adaptors
    8) Timney Triggers donated one of their M700 model triggers set at 2.5lbs.

    Accessories included:
    1) Rifles Only donated a certificate for their Precision Rifle 1 & 2 course.
    2) SKB Cases built and donated a custom case for this package that has the logo cut into the top piece foam. This is truly a one of a kind case.
    3) SureFire donated a M6LT Guardian Light, custom engraved EW-09 folding knife, and muzzle brake.
    4) TAB Gear donated a custom Elite Sling, Rifle Cover, Rear Bag, and Shooting Mat.
    5) Mike Cecil with CS Tactical donated two 5rd AICS magazines, one 10rd AICS magazine, and a Harris 6-9 notched/swivel bi-pod.
    6) Hornady donated test ammo to ensure functionality and accuracy. There is also a certificate for 250 rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo to get the winner of this rifle started!
    7) Storm Tactical donated a data book w/cover to track all your data with.
    8) NCPPRC coordinated the build, and will be paying for the shipping of the package the winner.

    After the entire package was put together, SureFire made sure everything was showcased properly by having the whole packaged photographed at their studio.

    Due to the donations NCPPRC received for this project, 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will go directly to

    The winning ticket will be drawn by at 12 noon PST on the last day of our 2012 NorCal TBRC SureFire invitation event on September 30th.

    The estimated MSRP value of this package is approximately $8,500.00!!

    Tickets can be purchased at the link below:

    Project Sponsors:
    Stiller Precision
    Rifles Only
    TAB Gear
    Victor Company
    Spartan Precision Rifles
    Vortex Optics
    SKB Cases
    Timney Triggers
    CS Tactical
    Storm Tactical
    Phantom Finishing
    NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club

    Here are picture links that you can paste in your post from our photobucket account:

  • Flea
    Very nice Mark.

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  • cmshoot

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  • usngunner
    Tell you what Shep, I'll match the $100 in the interest of fair play. But, if I win, I'm keeping it.

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  • cmshoot
    I'm buying $100 worth of tickets for SP. If I win, I'll sell the rifle and donate the proceeds back to

    It's great cause, folks, let's get the word out.

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  • usngunner
    Sweet, I'm in!

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