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    One of the regular things that I teach with carbines (or any firearm for that matter) is clearing malfunctions. The normal procedure is that I show the students how it is done step-by-step, then I do it all the way through "live" so they can see it. Then I have the students do it, first step-by-step with me calling out the steps, then have them go all the way through on their own when commanded. We go through several iterations until all the students have it down pat. Fairly standard instructional method, and it works.

    The problem is, the students get it just fine while that is the current training drill, but later in the day you'll see a student have a "real" malfunction and they vapor lock. Oftentimes, myself or one of the other Instructors have to verbally walk them through clearing it.

    I kept thinking to myself, "It would be great if I could induce malfunctions randomly throughout the day, when students weren't concentrating on malfunctions."

    Enter the FU Stick. I took a very sturdy yardstick I found at Home Depot, over twice as thick as a regular yardstick. I wrapped the yardstick in black Gorilla tape. While students are shooting drills, such as Use of Cover, one of the Instructors will cover the ejection port of their carbine with the end of the FU Stick, inducing a malfunction. Most of the malfunctions are double-feeds or stovepipes.

    So far the FU Stick has worked like a champ, but I have only used it on AR variants in .223/5.56. Not sure how well it will work on carbines with a more vigorous ejection than the AR.

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    s*^&#t gets real when you are under a little stress and you ain't expecting it! Useful tool.
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      I gotta say my first experience with it was awesome....vapor locked me pretty good...that coupled with shooting from support side twisted my s#!t up

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        That's a great idea. Almost as good as putting a round in somebody's magazine backwards.
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          I'm so glad I was there to witness that!!!
          " If you want peace,prepair for war "- Imi Lichtenfeld
          '' I don't like to fight, I like to win!" -Me