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  • Tactical Shotgun Course

    I have written the TSC out, but not test-fired it yet. I will be doing do at the end of this week or beginning of next week. When I do so, I expect to tweak it a little bit.

    No, this course does not gauge all the myriad of skills that I feel you should have to be a competent Operator of the Shotgun, stuff like shooting and moving, positions other than standing, use of cover, etc. It does involve a firm grasp of the fundamentals, however. It is a quick and easy COF to run, and if you have a timer with a delay on it, you can run yourself through the course.

    Here is the course of fire:

    Distance: 7 yards
    Target: Steel silhouette, approximately 10"x17"
    Rounds: 35 shotgun, 5 pistol
    Scoring: Hit or miss. A hit is 5 points, a miss is 0 points.
    You need 185 points to pass

    1. Low Ready: Weapon in the pocket of the shoulder, aimed below the feet of the threat. For the purposes of this course, the weapon is aimed at the foot of the target stand.
    2. High Ready: Weapon in the pocket of the shoulder, aimed high enough that you can still see the threat's hands. For the purposes of this course, the weapon is aimed at the bottom edge of the cardboard target.
    3. Inside carry: Weapon is held against the body, pointing downward and across the body at an angle, with the muzzle on the outside of the leg.

    With the exception of the third drill, all drills are shot twice. Each drill has a set time, but what is important is the total of the pair of drills. If a drill is 2 seconds, and it's repeated twice for a total of 4 seconds, it's the 4 second total that you're worried about. You could shoot the first drill in 2.5 seconds, as long as you shot the second drill in 1.5 seconds or less.

    If you shoot a drill improperly, you fail the entire course. It's a failure, not a points deduction. If the drill calls for 6 shots, and you shoot 5 or 7, you fail the entire COF.

    If you do not make the time limit for any stage, you fail the entire COF.

    All drills must be shot with the weapon on safe. You cannot manipulate the safety until the timer goes off.

    The last drill is a pair of transition drills. When you transition from the carbine to the handgun, if there is a round in the chamber of the carbine you MUST place the weapon on safe before letting it hang and going to the handgun. If you don't, it's a FAIL. If you set the carbine up to run empty prior to the transition, then you do not have to place the weapon on safe.

    Emergency Reload: Weapon runs totally empty.
    Switch Load: With the shotgun fully loaded, clear the chamber and the round on the lifter/elevator, load with a different round.

    Stage 1: 1 Round
    Low Ready
    1 round on the Primary Target
    1 second
    Repeat for a total time limit of 2 seconds

    Stage 2: Double Tap
    High Ready
    2 rounds on the Primary Target
    2 seconds
    Repeat for a total time limit of 4 seconds

    Stage 3: Control Recoil
    High Ready
    6 rounds
    3 seconds

    Stage 4: Switch Load
    High Ready
    2 rounds on Primary Target
    5 seconds
    Fire 1 round, Switch Loads, fire a second round
    Repeat for a total of 10 seconds

    Stage 5: 2 Threats
    High Ready
    2 rounds: 1 on Primary Target, 1 on Secondary Target
    1.65 seconds
    You must shoot one drill while engaging left-right and the other while engaging right-left.
    Repeat for a total of 3.30 seconds

    Stage 6: 180 Degree Pivot
    Back to targets, Inside Carry
    3 rounds, 1 each on the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Targets
    3 seconds
    First drill you can choose to pivot left or right. On the second drill, you must pivot in the opposite direction. Targets may be engaged in any order.
    Repeat for a total of 6 seconds

    Stage 7: Emergency Reload
    Prep with a round in the chamber, no rounds in the tube/magazine
    High Ready
    2 rounds
    5 seconds
    Fire 1 round, go to a knee while performing an Emergency Reload, fire a second round from the kneeling
    Repeat for a total of 10 seconds

    Stage 8: Transitions
    High Ready
    5 rounds total, shotgun and pistol
    4.5 seconds
    Each drill is a total of 5 rounds. For one drill, you will fire 3 rounds shotgun and 2 rounds pistol, for the other you will shoot 2 rounds shotgun and 3 pistol. You may shoot these drills in either order.
    Fire 2/3 rounds from the shotgun, transition to the handgun, and fire 2/3 rounds from the hangun, for a total of 5 rounds.
    Repeat for a total of 9 seconds


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