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    I recently bought a used rifle. I know it is a Remington 700 action chambered in 300 Win Mag. It has an AISC 1.5 chassis. And I am getting better than 1/4 MOA accuracy out of it. I was wondering if anyone might have some more details about it or maybe some info on who built it. The barrel is stamped with "Sniper's Paradise" and "HD Rifles". Please help if you can.

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    That sounds like a rifle built for a "group buy" about a dozen years ago. Good quality as I recall, but the gunsmith went bankrupt and owed a lot of people money.
    Hopefully one of the old-timers will chime in with some more accurate info.
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      Yep. Those were made by Celt at HD rifles. That was awhile ago. Great rifle builder, terrible business man. Was there something in particular you wanted to know or just some background.
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        Want to know what all the parts are and idea of what it is worth. I am looking to sell it. The rifle is very sweet but a too heavy for the type of hunting I do in western Oregon.


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          really nice piece of equipment. I'd like to get one of them. How much did paid for this gun? I have only air gun , but Thinking to buy a sniper rifle. I'm to old to go to army and become a sniper casino, but I can be a sniper in my private garden :-)
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