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Newbie questions...need help.

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  • Newbie questions...need help.

    Me and my 19 y/o son are going to be getting a couple rifles with the intent improving our markmanship skills and even attending Cmshoots school. Since we are both new to the long range accuracy scene any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am considering getting an Accuracy Systems Inc, Armalite based AR10 in 6.5 creedmoor with an Ultra Match SS 26" barrel w/break, as well as, Rem. 700 based bolt gun with the same relative equipment for my son. The reasons I am considering these is as follows: 1) 6.5 creedmoor will reach out to 1K yrds. 2) I wanted something with less recoil ( I've had 9 shoulder surgeries).

    Any tips, info, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Respectfully, Snork

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    I have been wanting a .260 Rem on an AR10 platform
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