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    Well my Mossberg JM930 finally broke after approx 2500 rounds over the last 2 years. Happened at FN 3Gun Nationals on the 2nd stage. It is being repaired but while I had the opportunity I picked this up,;1414610210862

    I ended up shooting a friends 1301 the rest of the match, loved it. Gun is set up real nice right out of the box. Other than adding a mag extension and changing the front sight to a new longer Hi Viz. The latter does not need to be done just help these old eyes. I shoot Open Division now and the gun currently is set up to hold 14 rounds.

    Update as I run more rounds through it, have about 300 through it so far.

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    Nice! Those Eye-talians make a fine shotgun.

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      And at a good price


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        What happened to the Mossberg? How "broke" is it? Is it fixable or destroyed?
        That's bad news if a new shotgun only lasts 2500 rounds. I've shot that many rounds in two days in Argentina hunting dove.
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          That is a fine looking bang stick!
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            Looks nice!

            The last L.E. department I was with, many moons ago, switched from 870's to Beretta semi's (don't remember which model though).

            I think this decision was based on our public safety director being buddy-buddy with some big-wig in Indian Head, Maryland at the time.

            I am a fan of the Remmy shotties buy I have to admit, I did like the Beretta and did not experience any issues and we (the instructors) didn't exactly treat them as collectors items.
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              The pin that holds the bolt release captive worked it's way out. There is a small clip that should hold it in. When that happened the bolt jammed. I was able to clear after the stage, but was not able to fix on site. It may get some pinning or a small bit of threading with allen screw inserted once I get the parts.