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  • Hello I'm New Here

    Hi just recently bought an M1A and invested in some goodies for it. All I need right now is learn how to shoot long range and that's why I'm here to learn from the pro, please be easy on me.

    my set up. SA M1A, Vltor stock and rail, Nightforce NPR-1 zero-stop scope.

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    Welcome to Paradise!

    Where ya located at?

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      Welcome here! Nice looking setup.
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        Nice lookin' stick!
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          Welcome aboard, nice !
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            Welcome aboard!..Nice Stick!!....lee
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              Welcome aboard.
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                Excellent first post! Showin' off the M14 and stuff. Welcome aboard!
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                  Thanks guys, I live in Oklahoma city. lol Kinda have to showoff a bit. I'm very happy with this rifle. It was a long saving up for this piece. My goals are to learn to reload my own ammo, hit a target at 300 yards is what I really really want to master this year. Been shooting indoor range 35 yards with this rifle was kind of a meaningless.


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                    Jesus that is a sexy stick! I have a Socom-II that totally got me hooked on the M1's. I love tradition, but when you deck them out in their modern clothes they just look bad ass.

                    With that rifle you can shoot well out past 300 if everything is tight and squared away on it.

                    There are lots of people here who can help you on marksmanship and training both. Keep active in the community here and continue to challenge yourself.

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