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USMC M39 EMR Clone

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  • USMC M39 EMR Clone

    Well, shipped off the components today. Should have it back in about a month. Will post pics then
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    "Flawed But Repeatable"


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      Can't wait to see it!
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        Does all that there fancy looken stuff make the weapon shoot any further or better? Just an honest question!
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          Only when I'm behind it. I'll at least double the max effective range of the rifle and take out to about 1600yrds
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            Who's doing the work?

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              After several calls and conversations with Andy at Smith Enterprises, he is going to personally do the build for me. I'll use this on duty and will deploy it with the element when needed.

              I have the exact component list of the M39. Due to not finding the part needed I substituted a few parts which I felt were of the same quality from current manufacturers. I'll post my parts list tomorrow when I get on the desktop.
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                How do you plan to mount your scope on the rifle? I have tried every combination possible, and the only two that worked with out issues. The first was the standar Sadlak side mount. The only problem with this is that is hits the rail of the Sage stock. You would have to mill of some of the picatinny. The other, which is my favorite, is using an AR scope mount reversed. I have found that the ADM recon-x-scope mount to work the best.


                I like it because it requires no modifications, and it has a quick release if you need to go to iron sights. At first I thought it would not be very sturdy, but it actually is. Here's a pic of a Bushnell 1-8.5 on mine when I was test fitting everything.

                I tried he stripper clip mount option that comes with the stock, but there were some serious alignment issues. The rear ring was so off from the front ring that no lapping in the world would fix it. It wasn't a side to side issue, since that could be solved by drifting the clip till they were aligned. It was an angle issue. It was angled up and to one side.

                For those that aren't familiar with the M14 platform, switching to a Sage stock gets rid of a lot of the finicky inconsistencies of the platform when using the original wood/GI stocks. It's collapsible stock makes it much easier for transporting or using it with armor. It really is a very well thought out stock.

                Careful with SEI and their promises. They do quality stuff, but come short on their promises. You'll eventually get it, just not in the time frame they promised.
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                  I will be using a Smith Enterprises 2006 mount. I also have the modified top rail from Sage. I will be using a Larue quick detach mount with 0 cant model LT120.

                  There is also the Sage International M14 DCSB

                  It actually fits over the rail.

                  As for Smith Enterprises, I'm hoping my status as LE will circumvent some of the BS and have it completed within the timeframe.
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                    I've seen those and if weight wasn't an issue I would probably use them. It's all about what your priorities are.
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                      Very true
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