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Cleaning the bore, chamber, lug recesses and throat

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  • Cleaning the bore, chamber, lug recesses and throat

    Make sure to use a good quality bore guide (I prefer the Mike Lucase bore guide) for all the steps involving cleaning rods, except the chamber cleaning step.

    Bore Cleaning

    To be done after every range session.

    1. Push 2-4 patches soaked in Montana X-Treme Copper Killer through the bore until the large amounts of loose carbon aren't showing up on the patch (using a cleaning jag).

    2. Scrub the bore with your bronze phosphorus bore brush one time forward and backward for each round fired. Soak the brush before pushing it down the bore, and every 9th-10th stroke if needed.

    3. Wait 5 minutes.

    4. Push clean dry patches through the bore until they come out totally dry, with no discoloration.

    5. Run two patches soaked in 91% isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol though the bore to make sure there are no solvent residues left over.

    6. Run two dry patches through the bore to dry out the alcohol.

    7. Run a patch of Montana X-Treme Bore Oil or Kroil through the bore if you will not be shooting the rifle for a few days. Remember to run a dry patch down the bore to remove the oil before firing the rifle again.

    Chamber Cleaning

    To be done after every range session.

    1) Using either a Sinclair or Dewey chamber cleaning kit, soak a cotton roll in 91% Isopropyl Alcohol/denatured alcohol and mount it in the cleaning jig, and mount the cleaning jig on the chamber cleaning rod provided.

    2) Slowly push the assembly into the chamber. Once the assembly has bottomed out, rotate the rod clockwise as seen from the butt 3-5 times. Be careful not to shred the roll, as this will leave hard to remove bits of cotton in the chamber.

    3) Repeat Step 2) until the rolls come out clean. Follow with a dry roll.

    4) Now take the included chamber cleaning mop, wrap a 2-1/4 inch patch around it counterclockwise, soak with 91% Isopropyl/denatured alcohol, install on the chamber cleaning rod, and insert the assembly into the chamber.

    5) Rotate the assembly several times clockwise. Remove and discard the patch, and repeat until the patches come out clean.

    6) Inspect the chamber and throat for any cotton debris from cleaning. Remove with a dental pick.

    Note: The bolt should occasionally (every few hundred rounds or so) be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly also. Re-lube with grease such as Montana X-Treme bolt grease, Lubriplate or MD Labs XF-7.

    A dental pick can be very useful in getting small debris out of hard to reach places in your weapon.

    Throat/Carbon Cleaning

    To be done every 200 rounds.

    1) Squeeze out about 1/2 inch of USP Bore Paste or Iosso Bore Paste onto a patch, then spread the paste over the full surface of the patch. Pastes from the other companies have been known to remove metal.

    2) Wrap the patch around your cleaning jag, and stroke it back and forth 20 times through the first 3-4 inches of the barrel. Use a rod stop if necessary.

    3) Push the patch through the barrel until NO MORE than 1/32-inch is sticking out of the barrel. Set your rod stop against the back of your bore guide. Stroke the patch 10 times through the entire barrel, checking every few strokes to ensure the rod stop has not slipped. If it does, you run the risk of ruining the crown on your barrel.

    4) Wipe your cleaning rod off, and run two patches of alcohol through the barrel, followed by two dry patches. Follow with a patch of bore oil if the rifle will not be fired for several days.

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