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Adjusting Winchester 70/FN SPR triggers

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  • Adjusting Winchester 70/FN SPR triggers

    You will need a tiny 1/4", open ended wrench, (better to have two), and a very small screwdriver. Also, have a bottle of nail polish (pink handy to lock the screw and nuts in place after you have finished all the adjustments.

    Pull the action out. There are three nuts on the trigger... the two nuts that are together, hold and lock the spring that controls the "pull weight". The single nut locks the over-travel screw in it's setting.

    The engagement setting is machined into the trigger bar with a gauge, and I've never had one that had an engagement problem. If your trigger has excessive creep, don't try to file it. This is a job for a very skilled trigger 'smith, and for the cost of the labor, you are better off getting an after-market trigger like the "Jewel"!


    Lay the barreled action out on a clean work space (tell your wife you'll be finished before dinner).

    With the 1/4" wrench(s), loosen all three nuts.

    Start by adjusting the pull weight. Move the nut "pair" down to contact the trigger, and try the weight... if it's too light, move them up towards the action, and try again, repeating as necessary until you like it.

    If the pull is too heavy when the two nuts are down on the trigger, then unscrew and remove the trigger stop.

    Remove the spring, and cut off one coil. Then replace the spring, and start over again.

    When you have the pull weight as you like it, lock the two nuts against each other.

    Next, using the small screwdriver, adjust the over-travel screw to your liking, and lock the nut against the trigger bar.

    Now, put a dab of nail polish on the nuts to hold them tight.

    Don't put Loctite on triggers... use women's nail polish on triggers (pink works best to hold the screws or nuts in place... Loctite can seize the small screws and nuts used in triggers, making them impossible to adjust or remove.

    The Winchester nuts won't shoot loose if properly tightened, but the Remington screws WILL slowly work themselves loose over time, so they MUST have nail polish on the heads.

    Finally, put it back together. Remember that the two end bolts hold the action into the stock, and require 65 inch pounds of torque (if you have a torque wrench), or to be very tight, if you just have a screwdriver.

    But also remember that the middle screw is just to secure the front of the trigger guard, and hold the magazine box in place, so have it snug, but not over tight... the middle screw does NOT hold the action in place.

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