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adding weight to HS stock

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    Same clear epoxy that I used to install the shot.


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      "Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar, Roman emperor


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        Hey Mark,

        Are you going to cut the pad off and fill with lead shot? Hey did you get the bullets in from JLK?

        Let me know I'll be home for awhile, seems something let loose in my back again. I went to the doctor today, they put me on the opum patch "spelling". For pain and sending me back to a bunch of doctors.

        Now I can't drive at all and walk worse then I did before, this sucks brother! You guys might be dragging me to the matches for real now.

        Call me, Vern[/b]
        Hi Flea/Vern
        Sorry to hear about your condition ! but thought you might be interested in my rifle below.

        Just bought a Remington 700 tactical Blueprinted action from riflecraft in .243 Ackley Improved with HS Precision Pro-Serise Stock a 26 custom S/S target Grade Heavy barrel from pac-nor 1in 8 twist , it shoots sub 1/4" 3 shot group at 100 mtres all in the same hole cant wait to try it out to 600 & 1000 mtres, got her topped off with a Nightforce NXS 12-42 X 56, I load my ammo using the Redding Competition Neck 3 Die set in 40 Degree shoulder. Using 105 Moly VLD Hollow point Boattail Berger Match @ BC .556 and Lapua fire formed cases and Loaded with 43.5 grains of Reloader 22.

        Im thinking about adding a little more weight to this stock too.

        You may be interested Flea/Vern but

        I'm on the opium patches for the pain too 1 X 25mcg & 2 X 12 mcg , but I also take 1 Ibruprofen 400 & 2 X 500 Paracetamol with 2 x 5Mg oxicodone & 1 X 10Mg oxycodone for the Pain in my back and neck , hoping to go see a new Specialist soon, might have to have an opperation.

        The only thing that I can say is do not drink alcohol at all with the patches and tablets ( capsuls ) after your system starts to get used to the medication you will see an improvement but dont keep upping the dose just like homeloading work on it low and slow till you get relief, if you miss a dose take it straight away, and try and take it at regular times. not any more than 4 times in 24 Hours , try to stick to taking every 6 hour & write it down in a book , so no mistakes.

        Let me know how you go.

        Call me /7mmSenderoHunter


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          I cut the recoil pad off and drilled out the stock to fit a mecury filled 16oz steel tube then I filled in the space with fiberglass resin. Then I put on a better recoil pad. Works great although drilling out the stock makes you sweat a little because one slip with a drill bit that big and it will come right through the side.