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Bipod Lock

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    I guess you can say that.
    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
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      Well, Wes, since I said "cross-drilled hole", it would be perpendicular to the machine screw axis, right? Or don't they teach the meaning of the phrase "cross-drilled" in engineering classes these days? (note to others, I'm busting his nads because we're both engineering types who should know the meaning of "cross-drilled" ).

      What did the opposite end of the machine screw look like? In other words, once you removed the stock nut from the machine screw, what retained it in the bipod? Is the other end now bradded over or flanged?

      I realize my reply is two years late, but I guess I missed your comment the first time LOL.

      Hell if I know Reb... haha! Yes, looking back... way back... at your post It's clear I just missed the "cross drilled" comment. Also... what the heck is "bradded"... I'm pretty sure Brad doesn't like his name being used in a derogatory manner...

      It doesn't matter now... she works... and well. Thanks again fellow annoyer of the uninformed-

      "I work with the customers so the engineers don't have to... I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS PEOPLE!"