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New work for an FN Herstal Mauser 98 in 30-06

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  • New work for an FN Herstal Mauser 98 in 30-06

    I'm writing this to explain my project for a long distance shooting rifle from an old, well designed rifle action that I've had for years.
    A very long time ago my Cherokee Grandfather bought an FN Herstal Mauser 98, in 30-06, and used it as a deer hunting rifle for quite a while. It is the first large caliber rifle I ever shot, when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was a bit intimidated shooting that rifle and I was the only kid that he ever let shoot that particular rifle. The rifle has been in the family since the late 1950s or the early 1960s so I can only imagine that my Grandfather bought it at bargain basement prices back then since he was never a rich guy in terms of money. I know that the rifle was a heckuva deerslayer from the first hunting season he used it, since I ate some of the venison that he had from it and kept frozen over the years.
    Over the last few years I had been wanting to add a long distance rifle to my collection but, like my Grandfather, I'm not a rich guy by any means. So, while most of the advice given to me by other shooters I know had been to go out and buy a nice new rifle like a 700 or something else in that neighborhood, I found that my wife was limiting my funds because I did buy a really nice Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Operator and that wasn't a cheap purchase, I have also bought a number of handguns for concealed carry purposes and they weren't the cheapest guns to buy either (an S&W M&P Shield in 9 mm and an S&W M&P Bodyguard 380), so I was not in a position to buy a new rifle. Then I saw the information that Pro Mag/Archangel was producing a stock specifically designed for the Mauser 98. Apparently they had great success with the Mosin Nagant stock they'd made and now were adding the AA98 stock for the Mauser action. So after some time had passed I kept checking reviews of the AA98 stock to see if it was performing up to people's expectations and the stock got some really great reviews and I thought, What the heck?, I might as well give it a shot and try one out.
    I got the stock and all it took to get the Mauser action into the stock was a few blows from a rubber mallet and the stock fit like a glove, albeit a tight glove. I took it out and was able to increase the distance I was getting accurate shots from 100 to 200 meters. Super! I attribute that to the adjustable cheek riser and the adjustable butt plate, as well as a very stiff stock material.
    Today the rifle goes to the local gunsmith for drilling and tapping to add a scope.
    One of the bonuses to the AA98 stock was a 10 round magazine for the rifle. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being able to shoot the rifle without having to reload after every shot. It works so well that I bought an extra magazine for the gun.
    I know there will be those who say that a 30-06 round is not as accurate as a .308, but, I have read a number of articles that suggest that a 30-06 can keep up with a .308 for accuracy at a distance, especially if you use boat tail rounds in the 30-06. The one thing that I love about the 30-06 round is that you can always find them around. If the SHTF, try finding rounds for any specialized weapon, while the 30-06 round will be available almost any time, almost anywhere.
    So while I may not wind up with a rifle as accurate as a .308 for distance shooting, I can tell you that this project has been a lot of fun and it's really great for me to take the rifle I learned to shoot long distance with into the 21st Century. I have the plans that my Grandfather built his shooting bench in hand and that's the next thing I'm going to do while I wait for the gun to come back from the gunsmith. Building a shooting bench has long been on my "to do list", but now I have a very good reason to do just that.
    The other bonus about this project is that I have gotten my wife interested in long distance shooting now. She's an excellent shot and beats me skeet shooting all of the time, regardless of what shotgun I pick from our varied collection. She shot on her college skeet team and beat out a number of guys to get that spot on the team. She shoots everything we have in our little arsenal from my concealed carry handguns and everything else. I do beat her shooting rifles and handguns but, she always beats me with shotguns, LOL.
    I'd love to hear what some of you have to say about my "The Beast" project. Thanks to all of you that respond!
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