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    Scope dope

    Before I got the Scope Dope set for evaluation, I had never seen one in person and from the description I thought it was a simple idea, and not too spectacular. Now that I have played with it for a few weeks, I find that it is indeed a simple product, and while not something that is earth shaking, it is a handy thing, and a great idea, as most of the simple ones are.

    I received the set and, like most guys, did what I thought was right without reading the instructions. Well, I stuck the little round chart in the Butler Creek, filled out the ballistic information on my Black Hills 175gr through my rifle and then got behind the glass. Strangely enough, the thing works just like you would think it should. (I did check the instructions and found that they are common sense, and as simple as they should be). The disc fit neatly into the Butler Creek cover and was in a great position to be read by just coming off the glass a little and looking up. For those who wear contacts, I was not able to use it with my lenses on as my near vision is going; but the card was there and far enough away to use with my old eyes. While wearing glasses (which I could look over) it was very handy and did just what it is supposed to do. Those that wear bifocals should still be able to use it with minimal, if any, problems.
    I would still like to have more than the two provided blank inserts. Now perhaps I am completely wrong about that but I honestly think the inclusion of a couple more blanks would involve minimal expense and would be appreciated by the buyers. This would come in handy for those that shoot multiple weights (eg. 168 and 175 grains in .308 from more than one vendor like Blackhills AND Federal) or have alternative applications such as shooting through glass or with a suppressor. Additionally, they should NOT limit their marketing to the "sniping" community. Although not one myself, I would think a big game hunter shooting over long distances would appreciate having the information right there when it is time to take the shot.

    The product is supported with a nicely designed website ( ) that includes instructions and photos of the Scope Dope product, and charts to help the buyer/user figure out what size to order, which is what one would expect of a company’s website; but also provides links to useful outside companies including bullet, powder, case, and ammunition manufacturers. There were even a few companies I had not seen, and to a one every link I hit worked (another pleasant surprise).

    The Scope Dope is a simple, easy to use, straightforward package and will help the shooter maintain a consistent cheek weld and a relatively constant sight picture by not having to refer to ballisticards or other information while on the rifle. Because of its low cost, I can recommend it as something worth trying even if you ultimately decide it is not an aid for your particular style of shooting.

    The only thing I was not crazy about was the bright white color. While it does make the writing stand out, I am opposed to it just because all the other stuff on the rifle is camo painted or toned down to take out shine and bright contrast. If they continue with the white background, I would recommend rotating the scope cover 90 degrees counterclockwise (from vertical opening) for a right handed shooter so that the image is in front of your head (left eye) putting your head between it and a possible tracker coming up from behind. This would at least make it more difficult to pick out that bright white color and is obviously in reference to someone using this product in a real world, combat environment. For civilian shooters, hunters, or those that shoot benchrest, this will not be an issue.

    The “I” in this review is either Jet or myself (copinhell). Since we shared most of the opinions listed, there was really no need to separate this into two reviews. Suffice it to say that we both agreed; another unusual occurrence for a product review. We both agree that the Scope Dope is a handy tool and worth the small $ dollars its costs.[/b]
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