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Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 Test

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  • Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 Test

    The testing process has been conducted over the last few weeks. The testing requirements(if you want to call them that) were received from Rebhawk and others that offered different scenarios in which to test the LRF.

    The test area was a field at my parents ranch. Also included in the testing courtesy of Anderson County were hwys 294 and 322. Which turned into a kind of hide and seek type testing. It was actually comical sometimes to spot a vehicle till it almost got to me, then drop what I am doing and go shuffling in the bed of the truck like I was looking for something.

    The testing was conducted with the same objects at the same distances to help try and add a little more control to the testing process. During the testing phases, I noticed that the system was very accurate in giving the same ranges no matter what time of day that I went to laze a target. If I stood at the exact spot, which I had previously marked at all the locations, I would get the same range time and again.

    I used a tape measure for the 100yrd-400yrd. Measurements. Thanks to Casey and his 300' tape measure.

    I also got to do some testing against Caseys Bushnell elite. This was from only 100yrds-400yrds. Though. The readings never seem to fluctuate more than 2yrds between the units.

    The only negative (If you want to call it a negative) I found with the LRF was the ranging circle and numbers. They would fade out if you didn't stay still or keep your eye centered in the optic. I guess you can call this parallax free in a sense, cause if you moved, the numbers and ranging circle would fade out or disappear all together, but if you readjusted, they would pop right back into view.

    I thought the optics were very clear, conditions(heat, cold, light, dark, etc.) didn't seem to conflict with the optics in an adverse manner. It is very easy to see out of.(I will start hawks star test this evening on it as well as the spotter.)
    Unless otherwise noted, I will only add comments if something irregular happened or if I did not get a reading.
    The following items were used in the testing process. The letters will be used in the different scenarios and will correspond with what is listed below:

    A) A wooden barn lazed from the side A 7x16 White enclosed trailer(My race trailer). Ranged from the rear. Large white flat area
    C) The rear of a White Dodge pickup
    D) 4'x4' Plywood sheet with a white target attached
    E) Tree line
    F) MPH Road Sign

    1) Bright Sunny Day at Noon:
    Testing time: 1230hrs.

    A) 236yrds. This was taped off and was accurate to the yard. 1416yrds. Was also crossed checked with spotter. I measured the front of the trailer and ranged it from the distance. I had 1415yrds.
    C) 1104yrds. Also ranged this with the spotter and got 1100yrds.
    D) Ranged from 100yrds.-400yrds. Reading was accurate at all yardage points.
    E) 536yrds. Cross referenced with spotter.
    F) 650yrds. Cross referenced with spotter.

    2) Bright Sunny day at 4pm. Looking into the sun and away from the sun.
    Testing time: 1630hrs.

    A) 236yrds. Directly at sun. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get it to pick up this time. I was looking directly into the sun. In all honesty I am not sure what could have picked it up from this range. The sun was just over the hill and was almost in direct line of sight with me.
    C) 1104yrds. No effect. I tried it perpindicular to the sun and also tried it with the sun to my back.
    With the sun to my back I could only range it from 300yrds. But it got it just fine from the side.
    D) Ranged from 100yrds.-400yrds. Reading was accurate at all yardage points. Sun was to my back.
    E) 536yrds. Sun was too my back.

    3) Cloudy (overcast) but no rain
    Testing Time: 1030hrs.

    <span style="font-family:Arial">$this->unconvert_size(10pt;line-height:100%">A) </span></span>236yrds.
    <span style="font-family:Arial"><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"> </span></span>1416yrds.
    <span style="font-family:Times"><span style="font-family:Arial"><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">C)</span></span> </span>1104yrds.
    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><span style="font-family:Times"><span style="font-family:Arial"><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">D)</span></span></span> </span>Ranged from 100yrds.-400yrds.
    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><span style="font-family:Times"><span style="font-family:Arial"><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">E)</span></span></span> </span>536yrds.
    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><span style="font-family:Times"><span style="font-family:Arial"><span style="font-size:10, F)</span></span></span> )650yrds.

    4) Misty Rain
    Testing Time: 0915hrs.

    This test I thought for sure I would get something different back, the light rain didn't seem to affect the LRF at all. I can say that it has been tested and is water resistant at this point, since I was in the rain for about an hr or 2.
    A) 236yrds. 1416yrds.
    C) 1104yrds.
    D) Ranged from 100yrds.-400yrds.
    E) 536yrds.
    F) 650yrds.

    5) Hard Driving Rain (Unable to Test and will test at a later date)

    6) Fog( Unable to Test and will test at a later date)

    7) Dusk, after sunset, but before dark(UPDATED)
    Testing Time 2130hrs.

    This was done with a couple different targets. I ranged a mailbox, a telephone pole, a goat, a buffalo, a deer, the race trailer, and a metal shop behind the race trailer.
    A) The mail box was ranged at 569yrds. Telephone pole. 997 Yards. The telephone pole was past the mailbox, so I ended up lazing twice. Once as my original point and then I walked or should I say drove up to the mail box and ranged the telephone pole again for accuracy. I then got 428 yards. 428+569=997 yards. So this seems to be accurate again.
    C) The Goat. 128yards. Couldn't measure this, the damn goat wouldn't stay still and I think the neighbors got pissed I was chasin their goat through the field with a tape measure. hahaha
    D) The Buffalo. 286yards.
    E) The Deer, total coincidence here. I was heading back to the house and caught it feeding in a field, pulled over real quick laze. Result. 269yrds.
    F) The race Trailer. Original position. Again 1416yrds.
    G) The metal shop behind the trailer 1454yrds. I drove back home to again verify. I stood at the rear of the race trailer and lazed the shop. Result 39yrd. difference.

    8) Total darkness
    Testing time 2300hrs.

    I lazed the back of a white Van in a parking lot under a light from 850yrds. And got a reading back. I moved forward and got another reading on the same van at 600yrds. I then moved back and got a reading on the same van from 1100yrds. I stood in the street and was lazing Wal-Mart parking lot. I also ranged several cars in the close proximity of the van and got similar readings that would lead me to believe that the readings were accurate.

    9) Tracking a moving target
    Now this was fun. I only lazed to within a 100yrds. I didn't want people to freak out and call the cops cause I was pointing something at them. So I would let them get within a hundred yrds, then set the unit down. Then I would act like I was looking for something in the back of the truck. Kinda comical, but effective. This was a fairly easy test due to the fact that I had lots of eligible vehicles both coming and going.

    I was watching the crest of a hill so the testing numbers are very close which added to some consistency. So you will notice that the numbers are pretty close to the same.

    The LRF did in fact constantly range in scan mode and the numbers did increase or decrease in range depending on if a vehicle was coming towards me or away from me.

    The only problem I had was I ranged an 18 wheeler and I couldn't not get a lock I am not sure what happened. It read 168 yrds, then 650yrds, then 1 something again. I am not sure what happened, so I just released the button, waited a couple seconds, then re-engaged it and it picked it up just fine that time.

    Vehicles coming towards me:
    A) Brown 4dr. Buick car. Ranged from 1100yrds. To 100yrds. Silver Ford 2dr. Truck. Ranged from 1100yrds. To 100yrds.
    C) Blue 18 Wheeler. Ranged from 1297yrds. To 100yrds.
    D) White 18 Wheeler. Ranged from 800yrds. To 100yrds. (Late start, had another car coming at me and I had to wait for it to go by.)

    Vehicles going away from me:
    A) Black Mitsubishi Eclipse. Ranged 100yrds.-1015yrds. Red Chevy 4x4. Ranged 100yrds.-1100yrds.
    C) White Ford Pickup. Wouldn't pick up at all. Guess it was a ford or had a cloaking device on. LOL Seriously 100yrds.-1000yrds.
    D) White Ford 4dr. car. 100yrds.-1050yrds.

    I also ranged several speed limit signs from 300yrds. out to 1000yrds. I cross checked this with the spotter also. The hard part was looking like a freak with the truck pulled up beside a sign so I could climb up on the truck and measure the darned thing.

    The only thing left to do is range a person in clothes and a ghillie. I will try to do that this weekend when Casey comes out. I will turn the pit bull loose and just tell Casey to run. LOL.
    I will also range a couple bikes in the near future too as requested.

    I have tested the unit and feel it is water resistant. I have read that it claims to be waterproof to 4m/13ft. I just don't seem to have the huevos to drop it in a bucket. I tried, I really did, but just couldn't go through with it.
    Other than that, I hope this helps someone in making a decision to by a LRF. I can't really claim that this is the best unit out or how superior it is to another. I have used this one and probably ranged with Caseys Bushnell a handful of times. So I have limited experience with its use or comparison against another unit/brand.
    Thanks hawk and everybody else that helped me with some criteria to follow for testing purposes.
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    Lakotah, thanks for the write-up. If you want to send the LRF to me I'll drop it in the water for you...LOL


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      Great review, Travis. I look forward to the additional results. Glad to help.

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        I've tested two of these units with great success. Sun light is a killer of LRF's period. However the two I tested on no problem ranging out to 1400 yds, with hits everytime.

        The Bushnell Elite washed out at 800 yds, on sunny days. It did best the Leica hands down though.

        So far the Swarovski, is the best out there other than the Vector 1500 at $8K.

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          Have we any data on the new Leica CRF 1200??

          Nice write up, Travis!! Good stuff, and I appreciate your hard work on this.

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            Flea isnt the Bushnell designed only for 800 yards?

            The boy wont have this much time on his hands starting next week. Finally getting that stick. I'll get to be the spotter now. There may be a fight. LOL!
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