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  • Atlas Bipod Knockoff

    I decided to take a chance and order one of these based on several You Tube comparisons. Along with the fact I have always felt that Atlas Bipods were way overpriced for what they are. It came the other day, and on first inspection I must say I'm very pleased with the overall quality. The plated finish seems very durable. The threads and screws, along with the rail attachment point and legs all tightened up very securely.

    I won't know for sure how well it's going to deliver until I mount it on a rifle, and get it out to the range for a good workout. That will probably happen next week some time. I have several AR's I can mount it on. Most likely one of my scoped Colt's or Bushmasters. If they run as well as they look, I'm going to buy several more. For $ 43.00 each they are a good deal. Certainly better than paying over $ 250.00 for an original Atlas. I can't gas up my truck for $ 43.00 these days.

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    It will be interesting to see. I've always wanted an Atlas, but can't justify the expense.
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      It has been several months now since I purchased this bi-pod, and it has been holding up very well. No problems at all. I have since ordered 2 more in black phosphate finish to better match my AR's. And they too have all been working as advertised. So if any of you are looking for a nice, good quality low cost bi-pod, don't hesitate to grab one of these. For the cost they can't be beat.