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  • Want to start Reloading

    Do we not have a dedicated reloading section? I think it would be beneficial.

    Me and Dualspringfields been talkin about this for a couple months now. We are gonna go in together to get some equipment. We both shoot the same stuff and live close enough, I think it would be cost efficient for the both of us as much as we shoot.

    Anyway, long story short. I am familiar with RCBS stuff, but can somebody let us know what we might need to get started? Gonna be reloading .308 and .300WM.

    We want to get what we need but don't want to just open a catalog and start ordering stuff that we won't end up needing or not using.
    Lookin for some guidance, advice, and direction from the experienced reloaders for a list of items we need to purchase to get started.

    Thanks in advance everybody
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    Do yourself a favor and buy a RCBS reloading manual. It explains step by step what to do and how to do it. You can figure out what you need from reading that manual.

    Other manuals may contain thes information, but I know that the RCBS manual does give a good overview on how to reload.

    I also suggest that you check any data you get from the internet to the data listed in the manual. Many charges I have seen posted are high pressure loads. You can ruin you rifle and/or injure yourself if you don't know what you are doing or get careless.

    Good luck



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      So you want to start reloading huh-- If you have the time-- it's the way to go. When you order this stuff get a good manual to go with it-- The ABC's of Reloading is a good one. Then you'll want a Load Manual as well-- I like the Sierra one personally--although it is way too conservitive.
      I was going to write up this big long dissertation on this, when it came to me-- just get the RCBS Rock Chucker Master Kit.
      $250 at Midway
      Kit includes
      press, 505 scale, Uniflow Powder Measure, Speer Reloading Manual, hand priming tool, hex key set, case loading block, case lube kit, powder funnel and deburring tool.
      If you have the cash (and I know you do Sailor)-- get the above mentioned kit--- It will last longer than you or I will. Besides, you guys are going to dig reloading so much, that the money that you invest in these tools will pay it's self off quickly.

      I have two sets of single stage presses and tools. Lee and RCBS, I like'em both. The Lee press works great (and is the cheaper way to go) for 308's and it even works well for my 300 Weatherby Mag-- but it does flex a little on that round. Since you are loading 300's just get the Rock Chucker. It's nice to have two presses though (heavy and a light one)--- you'll see what I mean when you get into it.

      I have the older RCBS JR.3 Press-- and to say that it's heavy duty is a understantment! Let's put it this way…the bench work break before that press would flex! The Rock Chucker is even more over kill than the JR.3, so that tells me it would handle anything!
      Other stuff you'll need:
      Get some dies—You pick—Redding are the high dollar ones— but Lee's kick arse too though.
      and Separator--
      a Case Trimmer--
      I really like this one-- it works great!
      Cutter with ball handle that attaches to a gauge
      Case length gauge
      300 WM---
      308 ---

      The most over looked piece of reloading gear is the Bench-- make it as heavy duty as you can-- you may even want to bolt the sucker down too! Make sure you have some good lighting over the bench as well.
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        Hey JP, that is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the help. That will definitely get us started!!
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          Yeah too bad you can't take the reloading stuff on the rig... you'd be loading ammo like a fiend in no time. I'll say +1 to the Rock Chucker. Great press-
          I went with a progressive but the power messurements aren't exactly stellar from what I've observed so far. Works great for my handgun ammo (busted out 200 rounds per hour). A good manual will get you going the right direction for sure. As far as getting things you won't use... Just keep it simple: Press, Dies/case holders, Case cleaning stuff, powder measure and a GOOD scale. A bullet puller is nice to have if you want to save any mistakes you might have while reloading. The hand primers are one of the best pieces of reloading stuff you can buy, they let you feel the primer seating much better than a full size press, plus you can prime cases while watching TV or other interest (Don't reload while watching TV though... bad idea).
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            Your exactly right Blue, If I could reload while out here. I could easily do a 1000 rounds a month. LOL
            Most of my day is spent doing administration tasks, phone calls, meetings, Arguing with guys like gunner and hawk, er... I mean engineers. LOL
            If I could get this all out here, I would be in business.
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              check out the hornady single stage press it feature a quick die change system called "lock and load" very nice!!!!



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                As Sent to me by Master Flea himself. This will get you for the .308, I'm sure you can figure out the 300WM from here. Hope this helps


       of these





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                  What dies exactly?

                  Thanks Casey.
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                    I'd have to suggest the Rock Chucker over the Panther Press for 300WM--

                    On top of that kit I posted about-- you'll need this stuff too
                    Shell holders
                    Pocket cleaner is a good thing to have for those stuburn primer pockets.
                    Just get a cheap one (Lee) they last forever.
                    I like to deprime my rounds first then throw (do 200 at a time) them in the tumbler-- it cleans the pockets pritty well.

                    These kinds of things are so hard to put together-- there's always going to be something you'll need that we left out. When you order from Midway ask for a Catalog-- keep it handy, you'll need it.
                    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
                    Leo Tolstoy


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                      This Redding Competition set is what you want.

                      Flea pointed me at these, they work great, and for that price, I'd jump on them.

                      You might call and make sure that's right. That is one heck of a deal. You really only need the 2 die set, but if you can really get all three for that price, you won't beat that.

                      You will also need the neck bushings for the dies, I'd get from .339 to .336 depending on which brass you're using. I use the steel bushings, didn't see the need to kick out the extra money for carbide.
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                        [attachment=12734:RELOAD_COMPONETS.pdf] (same file, just a .pdf)

                        Here you go dies and all!

                        RELOAD COMPONETS

                        1) RCBS ROCKCHUCKER PRESS
                        2) REDDING DIE SET # 36155 –STEEL BUSHINGS SIZE- .337”, .336”, .334”
                        3) 3 EA-REDDING SHELLHOLDERS # 2
                        4) RCBS PRIMING TOOL ( IT RUNS ABOUT $27.00)
                        5) LEE PILOT CASE TRIMMER AND STUD FOR .308 WIN.
                        6) SINCLAIR VLD CASE MOUTH CHAMFERING TOOL # 26-6000
                        7) WILSON CHAMFERING TOOL 45 DEGEES
                        9) SINCLAIR LOADING BLOCK #PBXX 2-EA
                        10) SINCLAIR SATERN FUNNEL #11-930 30 CAL.
                        11) LYMAN 1200 DP 2 AUTO POWDER MEASURER
                        12) IMPERIAL SIZING WAX
                        13) STAINLESS STEEL DIAL CALIPERS ($29.00) SINCLAIRS
                        14) RCBS ADAPTER HANDLE FOR BRUSHES
                        15) DEWEY “BABY GATOR” PRIMER POCKET CLEANER

                        For .223 add a set of Redding dies numbered 36111 and bushing size
                        Take care, flea
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                          Now, depending on who's brass your using is to which bushing you will need. I use Lapua, Lake City some folks use Federal and Winchester, so I use a .337". For those of you that use BH's brass you will need a .329" bushing. This is terribly thin brass and you will need a bit more powder as well.

                          I buy the cheap steal bushings but I make sure my brass is clean before running it through the bushing.

                          Take care, flea
                          "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

                          Training the US, one shooter at a time.