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.270 110 gr TTSX Load I Tried

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  • .270 110 gr TTSX Load I Tried

    I would like to begin this with stressing the fact that you need to keep good records of your loads in one place. When I left for the orchard I was not able to find the sheet I made when I put these rounds together. I didn't shoot 1 round so I can pull it and weigh powder. At a bench, rifle sitting on Bull Bag working the rear bag with my left hand.

    Rifle: Browning 1885 High Wall 27" barrel 1:10
    Brass: Winchester
    Primer: 210M
    Powder: 56.0 gr IMR 4350
    Bullet: 110 gr TTSX

    #1 3309 fps nickel case
    #2 3315 fps nickel case
    #3 3297 fps nickel case
    #4 3297 fps brass case
    #4 3297 fps
    #5 3297 fps
    #6 3297 fps called shot right
    #7 3305 fps fubar
    #8 3305 fps fubar

    #9 Pulled

    After the first 3 shot group I moved the scope 6 clicks to get a better view from the bench. It has one a Leupold VX III moved right at 1.75" and it should have only moved just under 1.6", one of the things I just love about Leupold. The group in the diamond measures .560 the 3 shots before my wheels fell off 1.75 up were .599....not bad for a hunting rifle. I had hoped the groups would be a little tighter...but maybe it is me. The pulled charge weighed 55.8 gr and I know I lost a couple of pieces...last I checked with this powder 2 kernels weigh about .1 gr and that would be right in line with what I was thinking I had done since I didn't have firm info. I had limited info on the Barnes bullet from their data and they only list H4350 for this bullet so I made due with IMR 4350. Most other info I found there was a .5 gr difference in loads using this powder (IMR 4350) so I started at the lower end of the H4350 data I had and felt safe and saw no pressure signs.

    Thought I would share the results.

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    "Flawed But Repeatable"

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    Thanks for the update. My 270 Sendero likes IMR4350. I'm working on a new load for the blakely shoot this spring.


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      after reading a bunch of Barnes seems they want you to set the bullet back about .050 from the lands
      "Flawed But Repeatable"