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.338 Lapua Magnum "Generation II" Development

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  • lapua001
    started a topic .338 Lapua Magnum "Generation II" Development

    .338 Lapua Magnum "Generation II" Development

    I thought that we should share at least the basics of our .338 Lapua Magnum "Generation II" ammunition development program with forum members as we work towards a 2000 meter effective ammuntion capability since 1993 in a truly man portable, "marksman/infantry mobile" package.

    You might learn something, but we might also and welcome comments and imput that could help other users and ourselves.

    .338 Lapua Magnum "Generation II" Link.

    We hope you find this both informative and thought provoking

  • lapua001
    Powder Question: Smallarms Powder Developments

    Has anyone heard of any powder developments that would allow our 300gr advanced .338 Lapua Magnum Generation II projectile to effectively achieve 2000 yard / 2000 meter extreme range while still using the standard .338 Lapua Magnum Cartridge case? More information on the whole development program can be seen on our website link below (1)

    We welcome any comments including any "faint hope" developments , including powder developments or other & also larger calibers that may be adapted. There is a song for that, but only if you are RCAF (2) As our American Marine Brothers and Sisters would say: Ooh Rah!

    We welcome any information, ideas or referrals. Powder capable of only 1500-1700 yards meters for our .338 Lapua Magnum Generation II development program, while interesting, is not really that interesting to us as it has not been were we are going since 1993. We are looking for a “generational powder improvement” not just an incremental one. In order to achieve one's goals in life it is important to have a vision or long term plan, even if it may be on the “outer frontier” of possibility. This may not be for most people, but then we are not most people; not any better or worse, just different, and we are "completely cool" with that. The late President Theodore Roosevelt’s in the "Man in the Arena" speech in Paris in 1910 also had something to say about that. President Roosevelt’s speech also can found on our Service "A Tribute" page at the base of its main page (3) which was written in tribute to the service and sacrifice of the people in the field and our allies as they "stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves". You and I get to go home at night. These people do not. This is where our first loyalty lies . Yours should also, and probably does also in many cases.


    (2) Coming in on a wing and a prayer


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