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Law Enforcement Sniper/Counter Sniper Operator Course

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  • Law Enforcement Sniper/Counter Sniper Operator Course

    Law Enforcement
    Sniper/Counter Sniper
    Operator Course

    May 9-13, 2016

    Hosted by Cornelia Georgia Police Department, this 50 hour Georgia POST Accredited course is designed to give the Law Enforcement Special Tactics Teams an added asset to Special Operations. Subjects covered, included but are not limited to Sniper Operations, Surveillance, Use of Deadly Force as it applies to Sniper Operations, Intelligence Gathering, Urban and Woodland Operations, Precision Marksmanship Fundamentals, Emergency Self Aid/Buddy Aid, and much more.
    Dates are May 9 13, 2016 and the course will be held at 514 Nicolon Drive, Cornelia GA, 30531. There is no charge for the course, however, a $75.00 Administrative Fee is due upon registration. All Course Curriculum is provided by Rogue Defensive Strategies, LLC.
    For those interested in attending, and to receive complete details on course requirements and required equipment, please contact Ronnie Humphreys of Rogue Defensive Strategies, LLC at or Assistant Chief of Police, Major Jonathan Roberts, of the Cornelia Georgia Police Department at
    *IMPORTANT* Registration is open and course size is limited to 20 seats. A fitness evaluation will be given the first day of the course to ensure the student is physically capable of performing all required tasks.
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