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Spring 2017 Sniper's Paradise/Precision Applications, LLC Rendezvous Blakely GA

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  • Spring 2017 Sniper's Paradise/Precision Applications, LLC Rendezvous Blakely GA

    The Sniper's Paradise/Precision Applications, LLC Spring 2017 Rendezvous will be held on June 2-4 at Legion OTG in Blakely, GA.

    I will be conducting a Combat Carbine and Lowlight Techniques on Friday, June 2, with the Long Range Shoot being held on Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4. More on the Combat Carbine and Lowlight Techniques towards the bottom of this post.

    We will have a wide selection of steel targets, out to approximately 2500yds. We will give you the dimensions and distance to each target, if you wish. Targets will be painted and maintained periodically throughout the day to keep them identifiable to the shooters. The minimum distance target is usually between 200-300 yards. We usually have in excess of 20 targets at various distances.

    We will also maintain some Unknown Distance targets of known size, for folks that want to practice their ranging techniques.

    There will be access to an additional range for folks that need to zero, or re-zero, their rifles at 100 yards. You can bring as many rifles as you like. Class III weapons and suppressors are welcome.

    You are free to shoot at any targets you wish throughout both days. This is an excellent opportunity to get that good, long range dope on your equipment. With the shortage of civilian-accessible long distance ranges, this can be difficult to do. There is enough room on the firing line that you will be able to shoot non-stop, all day, if you wish.

    This is a structured shoot, but not exactly a formal class. I and several other Instructors will be on hand to give you as much (or as little!) help as you need.

    Suggested gear list:
    Rifle with ammo (no steel core, AP, incindiery or tracer rounds)
    Shooting mat
    Tent or shelter to shoot under
    Spotting scope
    Cleaning equipment and tools
    Cooler with snacks, water and non-alcoholic beverages

    You will be able to drive right up to the firing line, so no need to lug your gear very far.

    I will have all my tools and cleaning equipment on the range. If anyone needs any Armorer's assistance I will be available most times during both days, free of charge. Also, I and several others will be available to assist in spotting and calling wind.

    Cabins that sleep up to 2 folks are available on the premises for $80 per night, payable to me when you pay your entry fees. There is a shortage of lodgings nearby offsite. The nearest large town with a good selection of lodgings is Dothan, AL, about 36 miles away. There are a few small motels just outside the range in nearby Blakely GA.

    The cost for the Rendezvous is $175 for one day, $300 for both. Military/LE/Public safety folks are $150 for one day, $250 for both. I accept checks, money orders, cash and PayPal (PayPal users add 3.5% to the total cost).

    There will be a mandatory safety meeting for all attendees in front of the pro shop at 0800hrs EST Saturday and Sunday.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, or (678) 523-7522. I hope to see y'all this spring.


    Starts at 1200hrs and runs until approximately 2200hrs, on the Multipurpose Range. We will take a 2 hour break for dinner.

    Course fees are $200 per student, to be paid in advance. Your spot isn't reserved until payment is received.

    Topics covered will include, but may not be limited to:
    Combat Mindset
    Ready and firing positions
    Shooting while moving
    Use of cover
    Weapon Transitions
    Multiple threat engagements
    Lowlight tactics and techniques
    Before we break for dinner, every student will have an opportunity to shoot the Tactical Carbine Course for score and awards.

    Gear list:
    Carbine with sling and mounted light
    Handgun with holster, minimum 1 spare mag on your person
    600 rounds for the carbine (bring more if you have a "heavy trigger finger")
    50 rounds for the handgun
    Minimum of 2 carbine magazines on your person for reloads. I recommend at least 8 magazines total for the course.
    Eye and ear protection
    Hat with a front brim
    Plenty of water

    Your particular gear is up to you; warbelts, vests, suspenders, etc. Body armor and/or helmets are welcome if you choose to wear them, as are suppressors. Your carbine and handgun both need to be sighted in and ready to go, we will not be zeroing.

    All LEO's will receive POST credit for all hours in attendance.


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    I'll be there!
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      SAWEET! been missing it a little
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        Crap, we're not going to make it. Janice's brothers birthday party is two weeks later in AZ, can't do both. Next time.
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          Working on it. Already got the time off work. Securing funds. 5320.20's mailed.

          This is clothing optional, right
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            Originally posted by Brad86 View Post
            This is clothing optional, right
            might want to bring a Therma-Cell...skeeters might tote you off
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              Originally posted by Jester896 View Post

              might want to bring a Therma-Cell...skeeters might tote you off
              Then I shall be their King!!!