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South River Gun Club "Classifier" Match

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  • South River Gun Club "Classifier" Match

    South River Gun Club in Covington GA has a USPSA match the 1st Sunday of every month, shooting 6 stages. A couple times a year, they shoot a "Classifier" match, where all 6 stages are classifiers. I shot the one last Sunday.

    Shot the best Classifier I have ever shot. On the Hillbillton Drill, I ran it one point down (5 A's, 1 C, and dropped all 6 steel) in a time of 6.81 seconds. That was a Master classifier. Not too shabby. Here's the stage setup for the Hillbillton Drill.

    Now, if only I had shot the rest of the stages that well.........

    All in all, I didn't shoot too badly and was pleased with my overall performance. I ended up 1st in Single Stack, not sure how I ranked against all shooters from all classes.

    I had a grat 1st String on El Strong & Weak Pres. I shot the 1st 6 rounds of the 2nd string, ran a smooth reload, transferred my weapon to my weak hand only to fire the 2nd 6 rounds............and had only reloaded with a mag of 4 rounds! I fired 5 rounds and the slide locked back. I reached across my body with my right hand and grabbed a mag for a reload, while dropping the mag in the weapon using my middle finger on the mag release. I inserted the mag into the weapon with my right hand and used the gross motor skills method to run the slide and chamber the round, then fired my 6th round. Wish I had video of it, it felt quick and smooth........not near as smooth as having the right amount of rounds in the first place, though, and the mess up cost me some time. If I hadn't have had the extra reload, it would have been in the mid-80 percentile (high A or low M).

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