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2009 Georgia State Steel Match

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  • 2009 Georgia State Steel Match

    Got spanked in Limited and my a** handed to me in .22 Iron-Sighted. Had a friggin' blast!

    I'm more of a "run n' gun" type and the Steel Matches are all static stages (stand and shoot, no movement or reloads). I'm not the fastest on the trigger, but I move and reload fast. I work efficiently and with a good game plan, so I tend to do much better in IPSC than the Steel Matches. However, shooting the Steel Matches definitely shows me where I need improvement and what I need to work on. Now I need to get to work!

    I'll be back to shooting IPSC next weekend, that'll help my ego recover.

    It's knowing that when I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the Devil says, "Shit! He's awake!"

    Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a Swiss militiaman: "You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?" The soldier replied: "We will shoot twice and go home."

    "There are so many Russians, and our country so small, where will we find room to bury them all?" - anonymous Finnish soldier