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Guns empower women more than modern feminism

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  • Guns empower women more than modern feminism

    Dartmouth student, Taylor Woolrich, says, she may leave school because she can't carry a gun on campus, despite having a crazed stalker.

    Legal ownership gives you real power, equalizing the battle between you and evil.

    When Woolrich was 16 an obsessed middle age creep -- not me -- would follow her home from work. She filed a restraining order but he kept at it, promising to visit her at school and showing up at her front door. He's in jail -- found in his car: a noose, knife and gloves. To be fair, maybe he was on a scavenger hunt.

    Woolrich still lives in fear, but Dartmouth won't budge -- which I get. But if I were her, I would still pack heat.

    Now, I get the concern about arming co-eds. I went to college once -- I think. But, there are kids that same age who carry, it's called the military. They can handle it. Stalkers are called stalkers, because they don't quit, which means their target has just one recourse: "boom."

    But this anti-gun push is more about the sexist notion that girls shouldn't have guns. Guns are deadly objects, but so are cars. Perhaps only men should drive.

    The fact is, guns do more for female empowerment than modern feminism which prefers government as their protector. But legal ownership gives you real power, equalizing the battle between you and evil. Ask any girl: The confidence from learning to shoot a pistol is far superior to any gender studies course, and a stalker is less likely to stalk if you can ventilate his groin. Which is why a whirring bullet is the ideal rape whistle and the real feminist icon should be Annie Oakley, not Sandra Fluke.[/b]

    It's knowing that when I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the Devil says, "Shit! He's awake!"

    Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a Swiss militiaman: "You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?" The soldier replied: "We will shoot twice and go home."

    "There are so many Russians, and our country so small, where will we find room to bury them all?" - anonymous Finnish soldier

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    Long as they still cook dinner? J/k

    Actually that is why I train my wife to deal with evil if it should come though the door!

    -- Poor is the country with no heroes and worse yet, is the country that forgets its heroes.

    Plan for what CAN happen, not what HAS happened.

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    --Thomas Jefferson


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      Maybe she should open carry a double bladed axe!!! Does anyone here expect anything less from this commie sink hole of an institution??
      I stand with Israel !!!!!!!!!!!
      "Dogs best friend"
      "Every dog needs a friend"
      "Tyranny is but a mask that evil wears. Those who fail to perceive it as such, or perceiving it for what it is and deny or ignore it, are destined to be ruled and destroyed by it."
      "Good wife, good sons, good dogs, good guns, what more could one ask of life?
      " 'REAL WARRIORS NEVER CRY ' but it is permissible for their eyes to sweat from time to time"
      " Anyone who doesn't like dogs or guns, is a person never to be trusted!"
      (All the above, Yours Truly
      The only movement to which I want to belong is the bowel movement


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        While I do agree with the theory and that people should be allowed to carry on campus as long as the state regulations are met, that article sounds as if males are already allowed to carry but females are not...