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Censorship in Augusta, GA

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  • Censorship in Augusta, GA

    Ray Reynolds Well friends censorship has hit Augusta. As most of you know I work at United Loan and Firearms in Augusta.
    I think most of you have also seen our comercial that we run on Comcast cable .
    Today I was informed by our Comcast rep that we could no longer advertise or show firearms in our spots AND that even firearms had t...o
    Be removed from our name if we chose to conform with our ad by taking out the guns
    He said this was a new company policy born from their merger
    Needless to say I am stunned
    Who would have thought that here in Augusta this would happen!
    Needless to say I am now advocating everyone I know to boycott Comcast for this insane policy
    "Flawed But Repeatable"

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    With whom did Comcast merge?
    I stand with Israel !!!!!!!!!!!
    "Dogs best friend"
    "Every dog needs a friend"
    "Tyranny is but a mask that evil wears. Those who fail to perceive it as such, or perceiving it for what it is and deny or ignore it, are destined to be ruled and destroyed by it."
    "Good wife, good sons, good dogs, good guns, what more could one ask of life?
    " 'REAL WARRIORS NEVER CRY ' but it is permissible for their eyes to sweat from time to time"
    " Anyone who doesn't like dogs or guns, is a person never to be trusted!"
    (All the above, Yours Truly
    The only movement to which I want to belong is the bowel movement


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      They aquired the rest of NBC in Feb I think...
      "Flawed But Repeatable"