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Deanna Favre to QB for Green Bay

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  • Deanna Favre to QB for Green Bay

    In a news conference Deanna Favre announced she will be the starting QB for the Packers next season.

    Deanna asserts that she is qualified to be the starting QB because she had spent 16 years married to Brett while he played QB for the Packers. Even though she has actually never played football at any level from grade school up and had never run the offense of any team or played the game.

    During this period of time, she became familiar with the definition of a corner blitz, the nickel package, and man-to-man coverage, so she is now completely comfortable with all the other terminology involving the Packers offense. A survey of Packers fans shows that 50% of those polled supported the move.

    Does this sound idiotic and unbelievable or does it sound familiar to you?

    Hillary Clinton makes the same claims as to why she is qualified to be the President -- and 50% of Democrats polled agreed.

    She has never run a city, county, or state during her "career" of being Bill Clinton's wife. When told Hillary Clinton had "experience" because she lived eight years in the White House, my immediate thought was, "So has the pastry chef."

    When it comes to running the State Department, her biggest achievement was getting a US Ambassador and three other Americans killed by pretending terrorism had been defeated.

    It's knowing that when I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the Devil says, "Shit! He's awake!"

    Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a Swiss militiaman: "You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?" The soldier replied: "We will shoot twice and go home."

    "There are so many Russians, and our country so small, where will we find room to bury them all?" - anonymous Finnish soldier

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    True story!
    " If you want peace,prepair for war "- Imi Lichtenfeld
    '' I don't like to fight, I like to win!" -Me


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      No matter how hard we try, you can't fix stupid unless u give them lead poisoning or catch them at birth like the Spartans did and throw their dumb a$$*s over the cliff!!!!
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