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Lee Rigby-style terror attack in Canada

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  • Lee Rigby-style terror attack in Canada

    MONTREAL – There are “clear indications” a driver who was shot by police after striking two members of the Canadian Armed Forces near a Quebec military base and later died, “had become radicalized,” the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said Monday.

    Quebec police say the suspect, a 25-year-old man, was driving a car that slammed into two CAF members in the parking lot of a Service Canada office located 350 Boulevard Du Séminaire, in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, southeast of Montreal.

    Global News has confirmed the identity of the suspect as Martin Rouleau, and was known to provincial and federal police.

    “The individual who struck the two CAF members with his car is known to federal authorities, including the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team,” the PMO statement read. “Federal authorities have confirmed that there are clear indications that the individual had become radicalized.”

    RCMP confirmed federal authorities “were concerned that he had become radicalized” in a separate statement Monday evening.

    “Out of respect and deference to the ongoing Criminal investigation arising from today’s terrible events the RCMP will not comment further except to say that we are working with our law enforcement partners to ensure all avenues of investigation are pursued,” the statement read.

    Quebec police said the incident began around 11:30 a.m. One of the two soldier hit was listed in critical condition, while the other suffered only minor injuries.

    Following the attack the suspect fled in his car and was chased by police for roughly four kilometres from the original scene at the corner of Schubert and Du Séminaire Streets, until the man lost control of the vehicle and it rolled over several times into a ditch.

    The suspect was shot up to seven times by police according to witnesses, and was pronounced dead Monday evening.

    Quebec police said a knife was found at the scene but could not confirm if the suspect was holding it when he was shot by police.

    The incident was raised during question period in Ottawa, with Saskatchewan MP Randy Hoback asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to confirm if there had been a “terror attack” against members of the military in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu.

    The Prime Minister responded, “we are aware of these reports and they are obviously extremely troubling.”

    Saint-Jean MP, Tarik Brahmi, made a statement in response to the incident.

    “This was a tragic event and my thoughts go out to the two military officers who were injured in this hit-and-run, along with their families,” she said.

    “I wish them both a speedy recovery. The allegations surrounding this hit-and-run are very serious and I have complete faith that the Sûreté du Québec investigators will shed light on the full set of circumstances surrounding this event. In the meantime, let’s allow the police to do their work and avoid jumping to conclusions.”

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