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Fatal USAF helicopter crash in UK

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  • Fatal USAF helicopter crash in UK

    I haven't seen this on any mainstream U.S news channels as yet and, as I know you'd all be intetested, I thought I should post this.

    Investigations have started into what caused a US Air Force helicopter to crash in Norfolk, killing all four people on board.The HH-60G Pave Hawk, based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, came down at a nature reserve in Cley-Next-To-The Sea on Tuesday night.The aircraft, from the 48th Fighter Wing, was on a low-level training mission and carrying live ammunition.A 1,200ft (400m) area is cordoned off and the A149 through Cley is closed.The wreckage, including a "significant" number of bullets from the crashed aircraft, is scattered over an area the size of a football pitch.............

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    Prayers out for the families. Rest in Peace troops.
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      It was on the CBS evening news last night! RIP Warriors!......lee
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        Just to keep you in the loop:

        Investigators found "clear" evidence "bird strikes" caused a helicopter crash which killed four people.

        Capt Christopher Stover, Capt Sean Ruane, Tech Sgt Dale Mathews and Staff Sgt Afton Ponce died on a training mission near Cley, Norfolk, in January.

        They were in an HH-60G Pave Hawk, which was part of 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

        The Accident Investigation Branch says the geese strikes "rendered" both the pilot and co-pilot unconscious.

        The helicopter was flying 110ft (33m) above ground level at a speed of about 110 knots (126mph) just before the crash.

        In his report on the crash, Brig Gen Jon Norman said: "A flock of geese took flight from Cley Marshes, likely startled by the noise of the approaching helicopters, and struck the (helicopter).

        "At least three geese penetrated the windscreen."
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          Thanks for the updates Jack.
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            110ft. is is just shy of the upper limits of the "Dead Man's Curve" for a lot of helo's. In that curve, there's about a 98% fatality rate, conscience or unconscious when the engine fails or one looses control of the acft. That's the price of flying low level over marshes!! Army aviators are taught this in flight School.
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