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  • Jester896
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    Wally World Excursion

    I got my yearly NWTF sponsorship visit from my buddy and he shared a pretty good story he was involved in with me.

    His daughter was home from college a few weeks ago so his wife, daughter, and himself made the trek to Wally World for her supplies. When they were leaving the store he saw 5 guys hanging on his truck. He told the two of them to wait there and he approached the truck. When he was close enough to speak he laughingly stated from the front side of his truck, "I sure hate to break up a good visit, but I need to go." He put his key in the door lock and unlocked the door and again stated, " Sorry to break it up guys, but I really need to go." Again nobody moved. He opened the door to the truck and stepped into the open door. This time he stated, "Maybe you will understand this, Get Off My Foxtrotin Truck!" The guy closest to him tapped on his upper jacket pocket and said, "I got something for you right here." That is when my friend drew his pistol and pointed it at the guys head. The guys buddy on the other side of his truck said, "I got sumthin for dat," and he called 911. My friend said 2 patrol units responded quicker than he expected with their guns drawn requesting him to put down his weapon. My friend asked for permission to step backwards toward them before lowering his weapon and was granted permission. He then placed his weapon on the ground and asked for permission to get his wallet...and was granted permission. He showed the officer his CWP along with his DL and told them which guy had tapped his jacket. They searched the individual and found a 9mm in the inside pocket of his jacket. Turns out from his ID that he is a convicted felon and his friend that called the law for him started to mouth off to the officers. They arrested him for impeding an officer and turned and asked the other 3 if they had anything to say...they said they didn't and left. The officer handed my friends DL and CWP back to him and instructed him to have a good evening...he picked up his weapon and started to get in his truck. As he turned to look for his wife and daughter he found them standing in a crowd of about 70 people gathered at the front doors of Wally World....drove up to pick them up and had a great evening as instructed.

  • cmshoot
    All's well that ends well

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