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    Not that most of the guys on board don't know it but here is a reminder that when the SHTF your laptop AND cell phone will be paperweights....and don't forget to take the battery OUT of the phone. I plan on leaving my battery in and putting it around a stray dogs neck. Talking with a guy the other day spent all kinds of money on solar phone and computer chargers and backup batteries....told him to buy a CB and ammo.
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    Yeah, the cell phone without the network is not even a good paperweight, the laptop if used for other than internet access can be partially useful. I foolishly got involved with HAM radio and I would cast vote for a VHF/UHF radio that can be opened up for Tx/Rx............ I have FRS, GMRS, local FD, PD (analog only) FEMA and Air frequencies I can monitor. Children's Band is good to have but an HF radio modded to open the 11 meter band would be a nicer choice. I think a simple HAM radio VHF/UHF that can be opened with a list of local frequencies would be a item to seriously look at. My wish list is an IC-7000 but it is over $1000 but it will do HF through UHF.
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      I haven't seen my cel phone in a month-- so no big loss for me. But what am I going to do for porn without my lap top
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