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  • Duty Only Forum Access

    You have requested access to our Duty Only section on the Sniper's Paradise Sniper Chat forums. There are two categories, one for Intel related items on BOLOs, current trends, smuggling techniques, as well as anything else that other officers might want or need to be aware of. The other category is for everything else, including tactics.

    This area is limited access so that officers and military personnel can exchange more sensitive information among themselves without the need to worry about what some kid or crazy gunman might do. It's also another area where duty personnel can kick back and "let their hair down" without being critiqued or judged by the general public. This area is a more secure area that is limited to:

    1. Active Duty Police
    2. Active Duty Military
    3. AND special civilian instructors with a secret security clearance.
    4. Extremely limited Reservists and Guard members. (high on the rank structure and lots of years in with a proven track record – but most of these will not even have access to the Intel section)

    If you meet the above listing then you can apply for Duty Only access by one of the following.

    1. Email a copy of your duty credentials w/picture
    2. Snail mail an official request on department letterhead with a supervisors contact number
    3. Have a member with Duty Only access vouch for your credentials. If we can't trust the members in the Duty Only section to keep it Active Duty only then we can't trust them with any of the information in there, so your word is golden until proven otherwise.

    You can also contact me, cmshoot, through the forum software. Send me a PM and I can work directly with you via phone, fax, or any other medium that you would feel comfortable with. I'm a Former Marine Scount/Sniper and current Federal Agent, as well as being a former municipal SWAT Officer, so I'm used to dealing with military and LEO's. Just find my user name at the bottom of the forum in the "Who's Online" or "Who's Been Online" list and click on it OR click on my name beside my USMC avatar above and to the left. You can then PM me through the screen that opens.

    This is an area that will continue to grow and develop, just like the rest of Sniper's Paradise. If you would like to have access to the Duty Only section of the Sniper's Paradise Sniper Chat Forums. Then send the requested information. Additionally, we will need your user name and number (you can find the number under your name on your last post) so we can easily grant access if approved.

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