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    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%">Started the morning right at 32° with a 6-8 mph NNE wind with gusts…it was mighty cold out there. Got about 4 trees in from the wood line and sat for about 4 hours….. nada…went into a small town and got us a burger. Ran home to feed up the animals and was back out at 3:30. Temp was good and the winds were now ENE and a steady 3-4 mph. I decided to get one tree closer to the wood line…boy what a mistake that was. I had been sitting there for about 20-30 minutes watching the spots my friend told me the deer usually come out when I catch some movement to my left. I thought I was on the crest of the hill from the standing position…but from my sitting position I clearly wasn’t because a deer was able to walk about a tree and a half from me and hadn’t crested the hill. It was standing just to the left of the tree looking straight at me and I couldn’t see its legs. To my surprise in put its head down to feed and I flip the shooting stick from the inside of my leg to the outside as I was bringing up the gun. Put the crosshairs between the neck and the shoulder and sent it quick. As my blink finished I could see the head going down and it was sideways…in a few seconds I caught a whiff of it and though good deal…maybe that will make any other ones come out a little farther away. I was a little unnerved and started watching to my left more. A short time later I felt the need to fan my legs and rather than do that I decide to get up and step behind the chair a bit to stop that sensation. While I was standing there with my pistol in my hand I can see there is an even bigger area that I can’t see from the chair I was unaware of….guess what…yep…there is a deer standing at the bottom looking at me about 100 yards away…guess what it did…yep…started feeding again. I kneeled behind the chair after I put my pistol up and grabbed my rifle and shooting stick. I watched real close and moved where I could see better because I thought the bullet might strike the crest of the hill. I waited until I thought I had enough shoulder in the quartering shot it would be the same as the last shot…I sent it…I recovered from my blink just in time to see leaves fall out of the sapling…and the whole time I was thinking it would strike the ground…silly me….looked like a clean miss from the reaction of the deer. I kick some dirt and got over it. My friend had warned me that when the deer get out of the wood line sometimes they move pretty fast into the grove….I sure hadn’t seen that. Well by now it is almost dark and to my left I see three fast movers and they are about a tree and a half from me. As soon as I moved the lead deer blew and I could see steam come from its nose…thought for a second it was fire it starts to move back to the wood line past the second deer and I can see the second deer is playing statue and looked to be about twice the size of the other 2 deer. I was already on the shooting stick and coming up so I focused on the statue. As I am looking for the shoulder I see it has big bone on its head but didn’t focus on it…was looking for my spot on the shoulder and sent it. The deer just stood there for a second so I raised my face off the gun to get a wider view. The deer broke to its left in a 45° rollout circle about half way back to the wood line I see the tail start coming up and it hit the tree line…I hear what sounds like horn getting hung in thick stuff and then I hear a pretty hard crash. I here two different deer in there blowing. I call for help and we start looking for hair and blood…nada…we went in to the creek and searched for about ½ an hour to 45 minutes… got a good whiff of a rank deer.. but it is way too thick in the dark…still nada…going back in the morning to check on the bone…I’m sure the yotes will get it and the meat won’t be good by then.</span><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"> </span>

    <span style="font-size:12, Then More bad news this morning...the second deer was hit...the trail of the third deer lead us to blood...until it fell. The third deer was hit good too. I was within 15' of being correct on its location in the was 15' farther away than I perceived. Found where it made the turn and after the turn we found good blood with lung. Trailing it into the woods is what led use to the second deer. About 10' from the second deer we found spray and broken limbs where it crashed the first time. There were down muscadine leaves everywhere and we were not able to pick up blood trail after that in a good circumference around the crash site. We went all the way to the creek and had to back out.

    Feel kind of beat up this has been 7 or 8 years since I lost a deer if I remember correctly and I loose 2 back to back. )

    "Flawed But Repeatable"

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    PETA will be beating on your door, bright and early in the AM!!!
    I stand with Israel !!!!!!!!!!!
    "Dogs best friend"
    "Every dog needs a friend"
    "Tyranny is but a mask that evil wears. Those who fail to perceive it as such, or perceiving it for what it is and deny or ignore it, are destined to be ruled and destroyed by it."
    "Good wife, good sons, good dogs, good guns, what more could one ask of life?
    " 'REAL WARRIORS NEVER CRY ' but it is permissible for their eyes to sweat from time to time"
    " Anyone who doesn't like dogs or guns, is a person never to be trusted!"
    (All the above, Yours Truly
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      I would recommend two things: go hunting and get another one, It will make you feel better; when a friend tells you where the deer usually come out, look in the opposite direction.


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        One thing I'll do for sure back the firetruck up
        "Flawed But Repeatable"