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    This is the view from the barn tower I put up. To the back edge of the first plot is 100 yards. to about the center of the low spot is 200 yards. My 300 yard flags are at the top of the hill. The tree on the back side of the food plot at the end is 359. I can also see parts of the other plot to the left under about 6 Saw Tooth Oaks. To my left I cans see parts of the field with the mineral lick. Come on Saturday morning.

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    Looks like a great spot!
    How high up is it?
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      It's knowing that when I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the Devil says, "Shit! He's awake!"

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        Looks like a great spot! How high up is it?[/b]
        about 10' to the floor I think...might be 12'. The barn is about the highest point on the property. There is probably a 20' or more roll on the left side down to the creek. The pines have been cut and the ones you see are volunteers and not as thick as they look in the pic. On the right side it is pretty open with oak scrub and not near as many volunteer pines and it wouldn't be hard for something to think it is hidden in there. It also has a lot of grass for bedding, but I haven't scoped any of it out to see if they are. I am almost positive they are bedding in it on the front end of the property.

        "Flawed But Repeatable"


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          Nice view.
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