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Illegal immigrants w/ US citizen child?

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  • Illegal immigrants w/ US citizen child?

    A married couple illegally "immigrate" into the US. While living illegally here in the US, the mother conceives and eventually has a child, born here in the US.

    The mother and father are detained due to their immigration status with the intention of deporting them.

    The child is less than 1 year of age.

    What should happen to the child?

    Should the child be a US citizen?

    If the child goes back to the parents' native country with them, should he/she be allowed back into the US at a later date, say when they are an adult and living on their own? If so, what kind of legal documentation would have to support his/hers US citizenship?

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    They call these children "anchor babies" around here. Where I work I'd say, 75% of my students are anchor babies the majority of these kids are good kids... still (K-6 graders so they haven't gone through that transformation that most kids go through when they enter middle school).

    That's my background, here's my answer:
    I don't know what should happen to the child... I don't think he or she should be punished for their parent's deeds.

    Yes they are US citizens.

    Therefore, if they are departed along with their parents, they should be allowed back into the US once they become adults.

    The children did nothing wrong they should not be penalized for having criminals as parents.

    The big problem is... what do you do with the parents? You can deport them, but how do you deport a US citizen (ie the anchor baby) legally? You can't deport the parents and leave the child for the state to raise. There isn't a just answer to that question.
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      The law should be changed IMHO. Anchor babies should not be U.S. Citizens. Just because the child was born here should not make him/her a U.S. Citizen. If the parents were not here legally, then their spawn should be illegal too.

      I, as a tax payer, resent having to pay for the costs of education and medical care of the anchor babies.

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        I'd be fine with changing the law.
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          As a Texan that grew up less than 100 miles from the US-Mexico border there are a lot of things I don't understand about immigration law. Up until recently an illeagal immigrant could be stopped for a traffic violation and not be detained by the police. No insurance, no drivers license, no ticket, no problem.
          Illegal immigrants and there children are given free medical attention,welfare, and access to public schools. Free except that US tax payers foot the bill. I recently saw an email claiming that illegal immigrants cost the tax payers more than the war in Iraq . I have no way of checking the figures but it is not hard to believe.
          Its not that there are not laws on the books, its that enforcement is a problem because different agencies have different powers of enforcement. I believe that new laws are needed. If you came here illegally you need to go home and take your dependents with you.
          I am not prejudiced. My wife is a US citizen that I helped legally immigrate here to the US. I am bi-lingual.
          Most democrats will have you believe that everyone is should share equally in what we have and that we should open our borders and make all of the illegal immigrants US citizens. I say get the border fence build and send them all home.


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            in order to stop anchor babies from being us citizens; you'd have to amend the constitution. since SCOTUS has ruled that the 14th amendment applies to any child born in the US, regardless of the status of the mother.
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              I'm down with an amendment. I'm also down with letting anybody that wants to come here, assimilate, and work hard to make it here. Key word is assimilate.

              If we don't start forcing that issue, we're going to lose the country.

              It really is that simple.
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                Bring your tire, bring your weary, but don't do it illegally. Being a pastor in training, I have a problem with splitting a parent or parents from a child. I see the results of children being thrown to the wayside daily. I also understand our money should be supporting our troops in foreign countries.

                There is nothing more frustrating to me to see a family illegally living in the United States and see my hard earned money going to people who did not take the correct steps to join our great nation. My wife and I work hard to get what we purchase. We make just enough to allow some nice things, but we still need to be stingy. It was nice to get a healthy tax return so that I might be able to build a rifle, but the money returned was money that I worked for. It wasn't handed to me because I crossed the border poor and illegally.

                On the other hand I have to be and follow the heart of God. I have to love, care and provide for those who desire support and care. I know, I know, I won't preach a sermon, but Jesus said that a man that lives off of someone else will be turned away from God. (Paraphrased by me) Help yes... live off of others, and doing it in the wrong way... no. Just my thoughts.
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                  Pretty much agree with whats been stated.I have a real problem with the Muslim's who think they need to turn our schools and work places into their place of worship.All this foot washing etc.If they want to pray on break or in between classes then so be it.We should not be spending tax payer money to turn Colleges into their new "Church" Lee
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                    There is no requirement to keep parents in this country based on the citizenship of the child.

                    The child can stay, the parents must be deported. The parents always have the option to take the child with them.

                    Simple enough solution I believe.

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                      I believe Ronald Reagan said, in a paraphrase if I may, that a nation without it's own borders is not a sovereign nation at all.

                      This is not an annex to Mexico, and Mexico is not an annex to the US.

                      The people that come here do so to provide a better life for their families, the same reason my folks came here. The majority of this problem stems from the corrupt mexican government. Mexico is run by criminals/thugs. If I lived there I would do the same thing and try and come to a country that had law, order, and a good economy. However, as a united states citizen, I am disgusted with having to pay the way of a group who generally doesn't want to assimilate to our culture and speak our language.

                      Our nation's fathers fought tryannical government and broke free of oppression to create this wonderful country. Why can't the Mexicans????????


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                        As someone who is not from the States but has had plenty to do with Americans through both shooting & military service I find your legal system & laws very confusing. With illegal immigration & the so called "anchor" babies it should be really simple. The parents were in the country illegally so the child should be deemed a citizen of the country the parents came from & be subject to deportation. This may sound harsh but if the parents weren't there illegally the child would not have been born a US citizen.


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                          It's amazing to me the changes this country has gone through, when my ancestors came here they strove to become part of this continent, yes continent, not country, at that time, at least on my father's side, the colonies weren't even a thought, but I digress. They adapted to their surroundings as did immigrants throughout the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century, they learned the laws of the land, they learned, or at least attempted to learn the language of the land, English although America has never officially adopted a national language. Those immigrants didn't expect us to learn the language they left behind, there wasn't a need for interpreters in the workplace, those early immigrants also paid their taxes, worked to become citizens, not dual-citizens, just Americans. Where I work we have a lot of latinos, about 40%, most speak "pigdin" at best, they all have the same SSN, they're considered wealthy "back home" where they send much of the money they make. As I understand it the Mexican government is upset with us right now because their economy's failing, with gas prices so high as well as the general cost of living, the illegals aren't able to send as much home to their families. I'll be honest, I'm sick of it, the whole concept, round them up, with their "anchor" babies, send them home, close the border, if they wish to be here, let them go through proper channels, end of story. JMHO.

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                            In every hospital in the US, a room should be set aside and used as a "International Birthing Room". If you don't have the proper paperwork and are trying to have one of these "Anchor Babies", you are taken there to deliver. The child will not be a United States citizen when born in this room.
                            After the birth, everyone involved will be deported to their country of origin.....

                            I think this would get around the 14th Amendent....or maybe I'm just wrong and need to be quiet again?

                            Scott (thinking out loud hurts) B


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                              Personally, I think that a child of an illigal immigrant is an "illigal child" so to speak.
                              The whole family should be sent packing.
                              I like the idea of the "Soon to be Deported" delivery room at the hospital.
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