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Firearms laws: State or Federal?

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    In my own personal beliefs, I do not believe there should be any restrictions either local, state, or federal. When I hear politicians blabber on and on about "common sense" laws, I just laugh. When they say that, they mean, "my interpreatation of what I think common sense should be based on my emotions." I mean, for the most part concealed carry permits are pretty much here to stay. But, I cannot say I agree with much of the other nonsense. Times are changin ladies and gents, and gunowners are not seen as good hard working people that they once were back in the olden days. Gun owners are chastized and harassed a great deal anymore. Some of these people think that with these shootings that occur, those sick twisted and deranged individuals are all acting directly on our behalf. These same people also piss and moan about how we need more restricitons on magazines, more restrictions on sales of handguns, we need a FULL OUT registry of all guns owned, we need to have more restrictions on semi automatic rifles, we need more of this, we need more of that.

    What we REALLY need is instead of these same cry babies pointing their fingers screaming at the top of their lungs full of emotion, they ought to generate more of that energy towards the parole and the court system for allowing these recidivistic scum bags to get out of prison by serving five years on a crime that they SHOULD be in prison for twenty! I am 21 years old, and my generation pretty much makes me want to throw up. As another member in this thread had said, no one has any honor, beliefs, or pride anymore. Everyone thinks that they are entitled to something, and everyone thinks that things should be just handed over to them. Everyone wants the bigtime but people will be damned if they have to work for it!

    Yes, in my opinion, I say no on gun restrictions all across the board. Because they have been proven "consistently" to not have any effect on crime, and besides, criminals will arm themselves no matter what the laws say regardless. I mean, is this not why they are called "criminals"


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      State Law.
      If you plain on going on a trip through different states read up some. Its easy to find here on the evilnet. If you see that a State your will be going through doesn't like people to be carrying loaded firearms you just dont do it. I personally just dont go there. If you give it to the feds to regulate it will be tide up for ever in Congress and Senate. States that have like concealed carry Laws now would be for having it at the Federal level and States that dont do concealed carry would be against it. It would go on and on and on and on and on and on. If one doesnt like their States firearms laws one could try to do something about it. Vote. LOL! Thats funny. Or one could just move to a fine State like the one I live in.
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