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Long Range Hunting - Ethical?

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    2nd on the AMEN!!!

    Practice long range for times of need. However, use the skills for a clean head shot if possible. We mainly hunt whitetail deer here and dealing with some of the outsiders is a pain in the neck. Alot of the people coming into the area for hunting make obscene shots, shoot without care to the surrounds and such. They have no respect for the old ways and hunt only for the kill. Growing up with grandparents from the depression era gives people a different perspective. Our house keeps the hides and antlers for future use, ie leatherwork and such.

    Long range shots on hunting should only be done in a time of need. NOT for the shear sport of it.
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      i think it's simple if your ethical person you'll hunt ethical if your not you'll shoot deer from a lounge chair just to whatch them die , does anyone think these two guys even walked over to check there kills , people like that make me sick , slobs with guns giving all hunters bad names !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the hunter ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than by a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact."

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        No first of all there is too much time for things to change wildlife deer elk and the like can move a long ways just grazing to gaurantee a clean kill and that should be the first considration in any hunt weather it be a 1000 yard rifle shot or 100 yard bow shot there is no way you can be certian the animal will be in the same spot when the bullet/arrow arrives as it was when the shot was made. As far as posting videos why would you I can't think of 1 good reason !!


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          I've been long range hunting for 50 years. I believe it's only ethical if we know we can make the shot. I hate to see wounded animals. I hate shooting a deer and finding it was wounded earlier and the meats no good(I'm sure they ain't to keen on it either). Two of the last three deer I've killed had broad heads in the hindquarters and shoulders and that portion of the meat was no good.

          Now, some animals don't fall into this category like ground hogs and small varmints. While I do eat young groundhogs, here in the south they are still considered pests, and they do allot of damage. So if I don't kill one on the first shot I don't loose sleep over it. I do my best to get him on the second shot because I don't like to see anything suffer.

          Unless you totally understand all the variables in long range shooting I don't think a shooter should try killing game animals at long range. When you understand wind, wind drift, coriolis effect, bullet drop, thermals and tons of other variables then and only then are you ready to hunt game animals at long range. IMHO

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            I have a Ranger friend that believes hands down that true sportsmanship of hunting is not how far the shot but how close to your kill before you overcome it and take it down. He thinks if you can kill it with a buck knife rather than your gun, your a better man. In a military infantry standpoint, I would have to agree. However, my excellence is achieved by patience and good judgment. Sometimes my judgment isn't always at its peak performance. But if the shot is clean and true without much risk of suffering I'll take the shot.

            I can shoot paper silhouette targets all day long and keep a tight chest cavity group at 1000 yards but down range shooting is easy with minimal risk for flaws. And if you miss once, who cares! Its only paper. Open range shooting is a different story. Windage and elevation take into consideration with your judgment and being off accuracy a hair can make a difference between a clean shot and a painfully wounded lost animal. If we were still on the military battlefield this theory might not make much a difference from putting one enemy out of its misery to taking 2 to carry wounded out.

            That being said, sport hunting isn't a battle zone and there is no room for error where any life is concerned. You are faced with a moving target that can move 6 inches or turn at any time and change the path of the bullet from a clean shot to a painful death. As much as I hope for my inevitable death to be quick and painless when my time is up, I would think my target would expect the same consideration. So the answer in my opinion would truly depend on the experience of the shooter. Can you make it a clean and true shot? If there's any doubt, move closer. 1000 yards is to unpredictable for bragging rights. I can put 3 rounds thru a quarter at 500 yards and that's still plenty to brag about.

            I can agree with the comment that if my family were statrving and I need the meat to feed them I might take such a radical shot. But as long as I have my job, my steak and my beer money, I have no need to impress people over 1000 yards outside of an F Class Competition.

            Just my thoughts for what its worth.


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              I can shoot paper silhouette targets all day long and keep a tight chest cavity group at 1000 yards but...
              I can put 3 rounds thru a quarter at 500 yards and that's still plenty to brag about.[/b]
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                <div class='quotemain'>I can shoot paper silhouette targets all day long and keep a tight chest cavity group at 1000 yards but...
                I can put 3 rounds thru a quarter at 500 yards and that's still plenty to brag about.[/b]


                hehehe, probably baseball size would be more accurate but after I thought about it, it was to late to edit it. You get the point anyways.