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What's your plan to curb violence in schools?

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  • What's your plan to curb violence in schools?

    Let's hear it. Be in-depth and cover all your bases. Don't just say arm the teachers; how would you implement this? How would they be licensed/trained? What about teachers that don't want to carry a firearm?

    What say y'all?

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    For starters, may want to talk to these folks!

    To steal a page out of the Airline’s Play Book (or Shep’s):
    - Secure the Cockpit, likewise secure the schools, you can’t shoot any kids if you can’t get to them! Control access, harden buildings, add surveillance systems, intruder alarms, etc.
    - Arm the Pilots, likewise arm the teachers, not so easy shooting fish in a barrel when the fish are shooting back! Use State CCDW programs, along with a specific program for schools that addresses the necessary issues. IMHO, enough teachers will voluntarily do it that it will not be an issue.
    - Add additional ARMED Security like the Air Marshalls, like the airlines there may not be an armed guard at every school at every time of the day, but that keeps the bad guys guessing! Also have regular LE add the schools to their patrol routes and increase their presence there.
    - Screen people entering, like the airlines require ID’s/Credentials to get access to the building, if you don’t have a school ID, then you go through a screening process to enter.
    - Develop and implement an Active Shooter Response Program.

    Obviously everything above comes with a price tag, so in these days and times, good luck with any of it! But the reality is, some of it can be put into place with minimal cost as long as all of the key stakeholders are willing to come together and do what they can.

    David Grossman has been preaching all of this for years,
    too bad the majority of the population are not listening to people like him. Instead they are all just jumping on the “Ban the evil Black Weapons” band wagon.

    If any parent is truly serious about protecting their children firearms legislation should be the last thing they are pushing for. The weapons, magazines, ammo are all already on the streets, and NO ONE is going to get them back. Best practices now, Access Denial and an Immediate Armed Response, IMHO those are the only thing that are really going to save kids!

    My 2 Cents, YMMV,
    M Richardson
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      The NRA wants a cop in every school. Don't see why not! They already have them in the larger High Schools....lee
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        Give the school principals paddles and reinstitute corporal punishment.
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          Active shooter training is a must for people that want to carry in our schools. IMAO a common ccw holder could not respond to something like a school shooting. Training req are very low for ccw and security in my state. There are smart ways to combat this problem.


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            I just watched Wayne LaPierre's news conference and then saw some of the left's retorts. The thought processes of some people absolutely amaze me sometimes. I am not the brightest person around, I don't do very well of expressing myself on paper or by speaking but I have become convinced that I am smarter than the majority of our nations leaders which proves that there is definitely a difference in educated and intelligence.

            I can not understand why they refuse to wake up and understand what kind of world we live in these days. I do not like having to have a pistol with me when I go out or take long trips nor do I like having to make plans with my family on how to react to an intruder in our house. I have been in combat numerous times and I can't say that it was a lot fun so I would definitely rather not have to worry about getting into a gunfight when I am back here in my homeland but unfortunately that's the way our society has become, so I adjust, make preparations and go about my way the best that I can.

            My rant leads me to this; we have armed people that guard our money, we have armed people who protect our airways, we have armed people that protect our nation's leaders, why can't we have armed men protecting our young children? I don't necessarily like the fact that we, as a nation have come to this, but sadly it's the way it is.

            I like what Capt. Richardson had to say on the matter. If it were up to me I would implement a program similar to the FAM Service. I would take our nation's combat veterans who need jobs and put them to work. I would also allow the teachers to have firearms if they so choose. I have a brother who teaches in the Atlanta area and he told me that they have 10 veterans on the staff who would be more than willing to carry weapons in school. These two things alone would turn a soft target into a medium to hard target.

            Of course, training would be needed for full timed personnel as well as training for the teachers who decide to arm themselves but like Capt. Richardson said, "all of this comes with a price tag but some of it can be put into place with minimal cost as long as all of the key stakeholders are willing to come together and do what they can."

            The price tag to me and other common sense thinkers here is a no brainer. With all the money that the government wastes, there is no reason why we should not be able to fund this to protect our most precious treasure. Of course, common sense escapes most of our so called leaders!

            Semper Fi!
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            Cpl Jeff Sornig, USMC; in Navy Times, November 1994


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              Like my Daughter does with my six Grandkids.....Home School.


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                I would like to see something on the lines of a secure entry area with positive ID before the person is let out of the secure area…possibly with metal detection devices of some type in place like in federal courthouses, airports or prisons. I would like to see some type of magnetic locking devices tied into the existing fire alarm system to block of corridors when signaled similar to a fire if a shooter got that far so that he might be contained to a smaller area. I am not sure classroom doors should open in for NFPA safety on egress, classroom locks should be updated to the key locking features in place in newer construction so the teacher doesn’t have to go into the hall to lock their door. One push of a button in the office will lock the entire school down with a bypass feature only available to SWAT. Then place resource officers through out…let the teachers teach. Just a start
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                  This is a tough one Shep. Where we come from, school districts do not have the budgets to implement sophisticated technology, checkpoints, or paid guards. Hell they cant even pay the teachers in our schools. But we are also hillbillies, and we have NEVER had any issues at our local backwoods schools. Anyone stupid enough to try to walk into a school in SE Ohio is fully award of the hundreds of firearms in the students and teachers vehicles. Inner city schools, where tax dollars are a little more plentiful, have the ability to implement some more strict security measures.

                  I agree with the NRA, the only way to stop someone with a gun, is someone else with a gun that is more trained! The administration needs fund a program into their budget, without cutting military budgets, to place armed security guards in every school in the country. Every university/city the university is located has law enforcement. Potentially assigning a deputy/town cop to patrol or park in the parking lot during the school day would be beneficial. Public schools are only open like 216 days a year with summer break, spring break, federal holidays, christmas break etc. would not be that difficult.

                  Makes me sick to my stomach to even hear talks of any type of "ban" when it comes to our right to bear arms.

                  "LIVE ACTION"
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                    Budget Schmudget.

                    We can waste billions on other countries that would wish to do us great evil if given half the chance.

                    We can give people social welfare credit cards so that they can use their own money to buy dope and booze........while we pay for their food.

                    We can pay to abort unborn children because their whore mothers cannot keep their legs closed.

                    We can provide free birth control for college aged women & men instead of making them pay for it themselves.

                    We can coddle gangsters with programs like "Don't Shoot" instead of rounding the sh*tbirds up.

                    Starting to see a pattern here people.

                    We are paying for the evil that has been wrought upon us.

                    We have no one to blame but ourselves.

                    I would much rather see my taxes spent on a sheep dog standing armed guard upon the weakest and most vulnerable of our flock!

                    To do otherwise is to open the door wide open to evil.

                    I am tired of this sh*t of always blaming good and giving evil all the advantages instead.

                    Enough is Enough.



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                      I think a volunteer parent corp with one stationed at the main entrance and another roaming the grounds would solve the problem. They'd be a deterrent and could take immediate action if needed. Volunteers would be screened, would have to have a community connection and would need to pass a qualification exam, with or without training based on their experience.

                      In our great state of Georgia, a freshman legislator just proposed 4 bills that would remove most restrictions that remain on carry. Should that happen, I guarantee a few parents and grandparents will probably just hang out during the day at my kids school on a rotating basis.


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                        It's quite obvious, schools cause shootings and death!!!!!! Ban schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parients will go APE $HIT. Shortly there after they will bring pressure on the pulic and demand the schools to be reopened with proper security.
                        I stand with Israel !!!!!!!!!!!
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                          Congress should provide funding to hire police officers for agencies that are too short staffed to provide a police officer to patrol school grounds. The new hires can replace experienced officers assigned to schools.

                          Don't forget that these cowards who shoot at innocent people take their own lives when met by someone willing to fight. And on the rare occasion that they don't the police officer can accommodate their passing.

                          Hanley summed up everything else I have to say on the matter.
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                            Here are my thoughts. First, I thought of buying a hand gun and posting free security for my own children's school. Like others said, the community needs to get involved. I think there should be first responders, as in local boys and women who are home in the day that can respond to the school immediately until proper authority comes in and takes control. Whats the one common theme here.... during any of these instances, as soon as an assailant comes under authority, they off themselves. So immediate pressure would cause them to shoot themselves that much quicker. I think we should higher ex-special forces who are currently working burger joints because they can't find other work, or unemployed because people are afraid to higher combat hardened veterans. Some I've met have an absolute love for children and would die to save them. Those are just some thoughts.

                            To cover the butts of the local crowd, a list would be submitted to the sheriffs office and local State Police barracks so they know who not to shoot! Where I live, it would be 15min for the first responders to get here. Local barracks in either direction is 15 minutes to the south, and 20 minutes to the north. So local community should be involved.
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                              Jupiter posed what I deem a great option. There are 1000's of veterans coming back without jobs. Arm them, put them in schools, and pay them with money we just give away to countries that hate us.

                              I am disgusted by how our politicians think. Our country is going to Sh@% and we continue to pour money into people who could give a F about our country. When are people going to uncork their heads and use "real" common sense or is it just not that common anymore? There is not another gun regulation that will change what has been happening. I am frustrated with the stupidity that starts on high, flows down the drain, and puts us turds where it wants us.

                              The killing of people in these mass shooting is horrific to say the least. How much do we think our politicians can fix though. President that cant fight his way off a fiscal cliff, Holder giving away real "assault weapons", Feinstein who cant even tell us what a heat shield is, and Bloomburg taking away soft drinks. Not to mention none of them can give US citizens a truthful answer to save their lives. Like a bunch of pissy pants kids.

                              Oh, and Bloomburg, no one wants to know what you think about guns. Disarm your city so there can be midday assassinations and there is no way to protect yourself.

                              Time for something to change fast and none of the above to including the VP, can form and intelligent answer. Our polititians are no longer feasable for answers.