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Sept 15th through Sept 30th

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  • Sept 15th through Sept 30th

    The 308 / old technology or the best round for the job?

    Go to the HQ page and cast your vote.
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    does what it needs to do, until it no longer performs leave it.


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      old technology?

      How about perfected technology.

      We aint gonna wrangle any more performance out of the old 308, it is as good as it will get.

      But it's time proven and battle tested, and cheaper to shoot than most of the alternatives.

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        And don't forget,its a forgiving round on the shoulder. For the LE community,a lot of people come into the job with NO previous firearm experience. For those who move up into the SWAT sniper realm,their first experience with a rifle may not be until they hit that first class or a bit of basic instruction by the dept firearms instructor. The .308 is a fairly easy round to shoot. No,its not a .22,but it ain't a monster either.
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          Personally, I vote to keep the .308. No, it is probably not the best round for everything, but it is totally adequate for 300 yard shots. There are literally hundreds of different rifles chambered in this cartridge, from hugh 2" barrel monsters to 5 lb hunting rifles.

          There will always be a .308 in my stable and I will always enjoy shooting it.

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            Nothing wrong with the .308. It obviously servers it's PURPOSE. (People tend to foget that rifles are purpose built...)

            But wouldn't that be a bi-monthly question?



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              I have always loved the 308 round, and believe me it has changed for the better in the last 35 years. A good shooter can still hold 1 MOA of accuracy @ 1000 yds.

              Do I think there's better rounds out there? Sure the 300 wm and WSM, it won't beat you to death and it's extremly accuracte out past 1000 yds. Will the 300 wm case, interchange with other US weapons on the battle field? No, and for that reason I think we keep the 308 around. That and mileage on the barrels.
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                I think a case could be made for either 7 mm 08 or .260 Remington as being arguably better than the .308.


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                  I think the .308 is a great round, cost effective and universally accepted. (ie. 7.62 nato)

                  Of course it has it's limitations. It really depends in your deployment. I have a friend who is SF and in Iraq right now and he like's his .300 mag best because of the long ranges and tends to use his SR25 as a entry weapon.?

                  So I guess what I'm trying to say the .308 has it's purpose. It's a great round with alot of history, years of perfection and can be found in almost any country.
                  How many other rounds have such a geat selection of bullets and can shoot .25 with a factory load?



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                    I'll second the 7mm-08 motion, as well.

                    Numerous benefits and damn near no drawbacks.

                    Other calibers are demonstrably better at the 800 yd+ game, but is that part of this biweekly discussion?
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                      I think the .308 is still the round to beat and will be for a very long time.

                      It is inherently accurate, easy to shoot, widely used and accepted and there are a wealth of "match-grade" loads available in several weights for those who do not reload.

                      It performs admirably at the ranges in which well over 90% of all Sniper engagements will take place and it has excellent terminal ballistics.

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                        308 might be old technology, but it still works. Many rifles have been built on this caliber. 308 ammo is common and can be found anywhere. Also alot of good accurate ammo is built around the 308. 308 gets my vote. Just my worth
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                          I think it is a exalent ballence, and should not be discounted. Also with the history it has and the voulumes of data we will see it arond for a long time.


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                            .308 is a great all around caliber, maybe it's ace of none, but surely it's jack of all rifle calibers. I believe there is still a lot of potential with .308, which hasn't been utilized yet, even though it's already an old format.

                            .308 is a capable and accurate round up to 1000 meters with the right kind of combo - bullet, case, primer and powder.

                            .308 gets my vote too!

                            Shoot well!




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                              308 gets my vote...specially since i just bought a new Remington VS.LOL Haven't shot it yet, but have shot 308s before.
                              SCOUTS OUT!