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    Well to me, Johnnybravo pretty much stated my feelings so I won't go into much more detail than he has already delivered. I simply feel like "laws", no matter what they are aimed at curbing, have little to no effect on those criminals that are intent on getting whatever it is they want. I don't speed a lot but I do go over the posted limit on occasion, just not enough to put myself or others in danger. Now if the punishment changed from a fine and points to taking my vehichle away from me for a first offense, I might change that behavior.

    I don't drink at all so DWI is not an issue for me but I'm MUCH more afraid of it than I am some nutcase with a 50 putting me in danger. Someone can prove me wrong if they have the statistics but I would be willing to bet that most gun violence in this country is committed with handguns and not long guns of any caliber. Banning them is trying to solve a problem that simply does not exist. Any person, criminal or not, that wants a 50 caliber weapon will find a way to get one, through legal means or otherwise. I think it is wrong to, in effect, punish law-abiding citizens for the POSSIBLE acts of others.

    I ride motorcycles too and I'm much more afraid of the make-up applying soccer mom driving her SUV or Volvo loaded with kids than I am most gun owners although I do admit I STILL fail to understand how people can shoot other human beings when deer hunting. For what it is worth, I also own an SUV and used to drive a Volvo too but I wouldn't ban or legislate against them either. I would put the South Dakota representative who blew through the stop sign and killed the motorcyclist in jail for a long time, especially with his previous driving record. So you see, it is the behavior of the individual that is the problem, not the "tool" being utilized. I go back to what might have been Larry the Cable Guy or some other comedian who said, "if guns kill people, then I can blame all my misspelled words on my pencil."

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      If the theory is that if you vote you should post then i voted that if you want a fifty have a fifty. but just to feed logic one might ask how often do you here of crimes comited with a fifty?


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        I think they should ban the .50, .338 and the .408
        And I am offering to hold your rifles until the Gov. gets around to collecting them.
        I will hold them for free since I am a nice guy, but I do request that you send all your ammo with it. Sometimes I get bored.

        Now really, I am not one to give up rights and I feel if we let those restrictions happen then I fear it will lead to even more. Why stop there, if you let the foot in the door then the azz will follow.



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          Final Stats:

          The Fifty-Caliber Sniper Rifle, should it be restricted?

          No, anyone that can legally purchase a rifle should be allowed to own one. 79.33 % (706)

          Yes, .50 caliber rifles should be police/military only. 13.15 % (117)

          Yes, .50 caliber rifles should be registered weapons just like “assault” and fully automatic rifles. 7.53 % (67)

          Total votes: 890
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