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Hold for FAQ - Rilfe - Army/MarineCorp. barrel break-in?

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  • Hold for FAQ - Rilfe - Army/MarineCorp. barrel break-in?

    Does anybody know how the Army and or the Marine Corp. break-in new barrels on their rifles?


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    Drag rifle through the mud, rinse in stream, shoot 1000 times and then clean. wink Just joking with you. wink


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      This is from FM 23-10:
      "d. Barrel Break-in Procedure. To increase barrel life, accuracy, and reduce cleaning requirement the following barrel break-in procedure must be used. This procedure is best accomplished when the SWS is new or newly rebarreled. The break-in period is accomplished by polishing the barrel surface under heat and pressure. This procedure should only be done by qualified personnel. The barrel must be cleaned of all fouling, both powder and copper. The barrel is dried, and one round is fired. The barrel is then cleaned again using carbon cleaner and then copper cleaner. The barrel must be cleaned again, and another round is fired. The procedure must be repeated for a total of 10 rounds. After the 10th round the SWS is then tested for groups by firing three-round shot groups, with a complete barrel cleaning between shot groups for a total of five shot groups (15 rounds total).

      The barrel is now broken in, and will provide superior accuracy and a longer usable barrel life. Additionally, the barrel will be easier to clean because the surface is smoother. Again the barrel should be cleaned at least every 50 rounds to increase the barrel life. "


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        Thanks SapperG for satisfying my curiosity.

        Darryl Out!!