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338Lap. vs 300Ultra in a HD hvy tac. rifle?

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  • 338Lap. vs 300Ultra in a HD hvy tac. rifle?

    After doing some research,and looking at your website,I've decided to buy a long-range rig in either 300 Ultra or 338 Lapua.Since I already know what configuration I want (your heavy tactical with the AICS system),I'm just down to deciding which of these calibers would be the better choice.I handload all my ammo,so ammo cost isn't going to be a factor.I'm just trying to decide if the 300 shooting a 190-200 gr. bullet or the Lapua shooting a 300 grain bullet would be the better choice.I already shoot a 308,which I plan to get a suppressor for this summer,after I move to NV., so being able to use the same can for the ultra will be one of the factors I'm considering.Other than that,are there any other considerations for choosing between these two calibers? Thanks

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    Just to throw something else in the mix to think about how about not shooting the 190-200grn bullets in the 300RUM but go with a 1 in 9" twist and shoot the 240grn Matchkings? They have a BC of .711 which is closer to the .338 Lapuas 300grn bullets which is .768. Just something to think about.


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      Here are pros and cons for both IMO.
      300 RUM pro
      No need to install a sako extractor or double ejector, or open the ffed port.
      Brass and bullets cost less.

      Cons 300 RUM:
      Barrel life. The only one I know of I built that has shot out, did so at 3450 rounds of hot handloads. The owner could no longer keep it under 1 MOA at that time.
      The Lapua is less over bore and should have a longer barrel life.

      No factory match ammo if you run out of handloads.

      338 Pros
      Match ammo redily available if you dont want to handload
      You should get a bit more range with the 338 shooting a 250gr or 300 GR bullet.
      A Bit longer barrel life.

      338 cons.
      More recoil
      Ammo more expensive to load or buuy
      More cost for the dual ejector and sako extractor and port work.

      Both rifles will shoot very accurate and at long range. 1 mile should be fine with the 300 with the Lapua having an edge in range.
      Both work well with a Jet can. You can use the jet 338 can on the 308 with a very small increase in sound over a 308 can.
      HD Rifles )


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        Thanks for the advice.After reading your post earlier,I shot off a quick email to Dave Brown at Jet Suppressors,and He acknowledged your info on using his 338 cans for my 308,which I have to admit,has become my final deciding factor on going with the 338 Lapua.I'll be placing an order in the next month for one.Thanks.


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          Sounds great!
          Hope to hear from you soon!
          HD Rifles )