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8-40 Scope Base Conversion

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  • 8-40 Scope Base Conversion

    I am concidering the 8-40 base conversion, and was wondering if it mattered what action you did it to and if you could,would lap the rings while you are working on it? thanks

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    hate to sound demanding any one care to field a simple question?


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      I just now brought this to HD's attention via email.
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        They're pretty busy at HD getting out the last of the SPHD rifles. Probably don't have a lot of time to play on the net!

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          It does not matter what action it is done on.
          The onlt thing really to consider is that if it is a stock rifle and you plan to rebarrel it someday, is that when it gets a new barrel the action will be trued. This will make the alignment in correct because the holes are would be aligned to the factory barrel which is on a "crooked" action.

          The alignment is the main reason for the 8-40 conversion, although the screws are stronger, it would be hard to break the standard screws when a good base such as a TPS or Badger is used that have the lip that butts against the action.

          Sorry about not catching the post sooner. We indeed have been busy with the rifles and are not on the web as much as we would like to be.



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            Jeff...what if you already have a match barrel that needs to be rebarreled(and the 8-40 conversion was done)...would alignement be off from the prev. barrel?


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              The action should have been trued when the match barrel was put on. If it was (most likely was) then the alignment would be good, since the action is what "points" the barrel, it will point in the same place.

              HD Rifles )