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    im currently developing a new laser range finder, and i would like it to be as technically adapted for snipers as possible. Im looking for answers to questions such as:

    -what range do snipers usually need, either for military or recreational use?

    -what particular function, or technical property?

    -what is the price range for a quality laser range finder to be used for sniping?

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me to provide a better product for snipers.

    Please do not hesitate to redirect me if necessary.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Needs in a rangefinder (for my use):

    1) The ability to range 1500 yrds or better with max 1-2% error factor. This is ranging against a NOT perfect, reflective target. I think most get tired of the X yards on a "reflective white board, with the sun just at the right place and all of the planets aligned".

    2) Waterproof, rugged, armoured housing.

    3) High quality glass to see your target image.

    4) Price ? No clue, $500 would be nice, but performance can demand a price. Being as how the guys here are so danged nice, I'd think a crisp $20 bill would be appropriate. LOL.


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      Who are you working with on designing this? What company?

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        I am a bit of a ranging gimp and would love the correction for angle to be built in...or an option. Other than that I agree with LPDep. The other thing I like is some magnification....
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          Hey guys,

          Thanks a lot for answering.

          I am a intern working for Vectronix, a company that used to belong to leica.

          Up to now, the company has been concentrating on high-end military applications, but hard work on the optics over the past years have made it possible to decrease the costs of production, hence selling price, thus making it available to a wider range of users.

          Information given by people who know what they are talking about(pple in this forum) is very valuable to me and my study.
          Please continue to send in replies!

          also, do you think that a rifle scope with an integrated range finding function could be useful for snipers?

          Once again, Thanks for all your help.


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            also, do you think that a rifle scope with an integrated range finding function could be useful for snipers?[/b]

            If it were one hundred percent reliable with no chance of failure ever. Maybe. Most of that stuff is gadget and aimed at rich hunters, and mall ninja's. I guess if the scope was still functional and could be used to manually range in the unlikely event of power failure , weighed no more and was no bigger than existing optics, could be dropped down a 60 degree rocky face 30 feet and still work at the bottom after fishing it and the 18lb rifle it is attached to out of 100 feet of water the next day, it wouldn't be bad.
            Oh yeah, it needs to be relatively inexpensive as well.
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              Angle correction would be killer. And be inexpensive.
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                Considering you work for Vectronix which has a lot of really fancy stuff, it would be nice to see if you could get a high end unit somewhere in the $1000 to $2000 range
                Some of the features I would like:

                Good optical quality so you can see the target clearly
                2000 meter to 2500 meter range for normal type targets (not the side of a building)
                Integrated Digital compass
                Angle indicator that will show both line of sight distance & the angle & the angle corrected distance
                Distance between 2 targets, both side by side or if one is behind the other
                Integrated altitude meter & air pressure meter & Temperature sensor
                Would like a USB computer interface & onboard memory to download real time or saved data.
                Also would be great to have the ability to keep 2 or 3 different ballistics charts in memory with the ability to load from a computer to the range finder for the ammo you will be shooting, so it can calculate the correct scope settings given a xxx range zero, the altitude, air pressure, Angle, temperature & bullet speed (you could ask triggerfifty to work on that with you if you have the budget for it)
                There are lots of good rangefinders on the market in the $400 to $1000 range, but I think there would be a good market for a high end one with a lot features & programmability that would be able to replace several other pieces of equipment, but still be affordable
                Also it's got to be really tough & able to sit in the rain, snow, deep freeze or boiling sun without breaking.
                I suggest you get a research budget & pay a few different folks who know long range shooting like triggerfifty & a few other folks here to help you nail down the specs & functions for a really good unit that is a valuable tool & worth the price. You can always make a cheaper model to go with the high end one but seeing who you work for, it would be nice to spec out a really good system that is still affordable


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                  I work for the company that sells the Vector 21 here in America to the Military. If you work for Vectronix, and know the product.

                  You should already know what a Military sniper wants in a LRF. We provide it for them everyday sir.

                  I find this very questionable, sir.

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                    if he is an intern, he may not know up from down. Maybe this is some sort of research project?

                    Just a thought,

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                        It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small, small, smaaaaaalllllll world.
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                          Hello and thanks to all of you who provided some helpful information.

                          In reference to Flea's message:

                          "I work for the company that sells the Vector 21 here in America to the Military. If you work for Vectronix, and know the product.

                          You should already know what a Military sniper wants in a LRF. We provide it for them everyday sir.

                          I find this very questionable, sir."

                          you know as well as me that the vector 21 is a high end product, only used by the military.

                          The vector products already represent a large proportion of the company's sales.

                          The product I am working on is the PLRF, not the Vector.

                          What is it that you find "questionable"? the fact that I ask these questions in a forum? I think forums are the good place to get a feel of what everyday users want and need. I am not sure this method would work on a product exclusively used by the military, like the Vector 21 that you have been working on.

                          Nonetheless, If you think that you can help me with my study please do not hesitate to contact me:


                          Thanks again to all of you that have posted helpful replies.



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                            What I find questionable is the fact that Vectronix, has had the market on the best LRF in the world for many years. That being said Vectronix should know exactly what the snipers world wide look for in a LRF.

                            With all the "Sniper" websites on line less than 5% of it's members are or ever were real world snipers.

                            With the consultants on hand at Vectronix, I wouldn't think you would have to leave the office to ask these questions.

                            As a intern for Vectronix you have to realize the US Gov. is only going to let a LRF for civilians to do so much. As for the Military you should know it's already covered for many years to come.

                            My concern comes from US. security sir. You speak of everyday users, as in civilians, then you speak of snipers. Your thread was titled with Snipers, in the sentence. This is why I find this questionable sir. To give the civilian world a LRF to exceed whats out there now would cost as you know at least $3000. We have already looked at an option from Vectronix this year to do that.

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                              Julien, please don't take this in a mean-spirited way, but your inquiry raises questions in my mind.

                              If you work for Vectronix, why don't you know the answers to these questions already? You seem to have no knowledge of the subject since you're having to ask others about it.

                              Does Vectronix know that you're here asking questions about this? Are you working on this as an official Vectronix project, or is this something you're doing on your own without your company's knowledge? Do you have a confidentiality agreement or a non-compete clause in your work contract? If so, are you in violation of that by doing your own work outside the scope of your employment?

                              Before I'd answer anything you asked, I'd have to have some assurance from Vectronix that you are, in fact, asking these questions on their behalf as a legitimate work assignment. If you are, then that brings us back to the original question: With all of the expertise at Vectonix, why do you need to ask these questions here?
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