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    Well I just bought my last rifle untill I find a new job.What is the best way to go with a sling? The rifle I have is a Heavy target rifle in 30.06 with a 28" barrel I belive from the late 60's or mid 70's.It has 1" leather sling that I want to replace to a 1 1/4" sling from Turner or maybe some one else I want to stay with leather for the retro type lookAlso any idea who make the best swivles? Go here to see the Turner slings.

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      If you're looking for a 1907 pattern sling and really want to stay leather than I'd recommend a custom made sling by Les Tam. He uses a grade of leather that's FAR thicker than any Turner I've seen.(I'm not trying to degrade Truner by saying that) The hardware is second to none, the frogs are recyled originals and you can have your choice of rivited or sewn keepers. Each sling is custome made to order for your height, weight and shooting discipline. You can get then in brown or black, with keepers for two or three layes of sling (two for a longgun probably would be better), your initials, branch of service etc, stamped into the sling.

      Best of all, the brown sling with standard riveted keepers is only $55 shipped. I have one on my DCM AR15 and I know of one fellow who's using a black one on his PSS and loves it. To say that it's high quality is doing this sling an injustice.

      Leslie E. Tam
      1411 St. Louis Dr.
      Honolulu, HI 96816
      (808) 737-5427

      if you can live without leather and want a 1907 pattern, I'd say the Mike Millers' slip cuff is the hands down winner.

      If you want pics of the Tam sling, mail me and I'll forward a .ZIP file.

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        If you need a sling, you need to get a Mike Miller sling. I have two of them and they are great. I have try all different types of slings and his is the best.
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