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Shooting from a female perspective

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  • Shooting from a female perspective

    In response to one of my recent posts a few gentlemen expressed a desire to get their women shooting. Here is my philosophy on shooting from a female perspective:

    1: Self Preservation

    It is no secret that the majority of victims in a crime are women and children. Why? They are easy victims because they are viewed as weaker, easier to control, and instantly react to threat with fear. Working with criminals (as a correctional psychiatric nurse) I dealt mainly with domestic abuse, and sex crimes inmates. Their motivation is control which is fed by fear. The most dangerous thing in a personal attack is fear. Replace fear with skill. With skill comes confidence. Confidence will keep your head clear. If you take fear away, you take away their main means of control. By being proficient with a weapon you replace fear with empowerment and also balance the scale of power and control. There is a school of thought that a weapon will aggravate the situation. Chances are, if the criminal is using a weapon as a means of control, he's going to kill you regardless of what he says. Being proficient with a weapon or even just knowledge if a weapon if unarmed gives you a better chance of survival. There are many tactics to prevent a perp from using his weapon if you know where and how to grab it. Not to mention the element of surprise is disarming. Most perps will be surprised if you fight back and it can save your life. It's no surprise that in states with CCW laws that rapes have declined as much as 55%. The 92 year old woman in Florida who shot her attacker has given criminals food for thought and they will think twice before attacking another elderly woman. Criminals prefer unarmed, fearful victims.

    2. Home Invasion

    In general, the male of the household is viewed as the protector of the family. Many women become complacent that this man is enough. Let me pose a few questions:

    A. Who is watching your husband's back during a home invasion?
    B. Who is protecting you and your children should your husband become incapacitated?
    C. What if he isn't home?
    D. What will happen to your children if you are harmed/killed?

    It isn't enough that there is a home defense weapon in the house. Knowing how to use it is not enough. You must be proficient!

    3. LE / Military

    This is where I may be off some in my philosophy. In many societies women are viewed as needing protection, and/or are weaker and needing assistance. I have never been out in the field, but have spoken with LE / Military personnel who have conveyed a feeling of needing to protect female counterparts. Even in the heat of a situation it is in the back of their mind that they need to protect them which can hinder their effectiveness. This does not make them chauvinistic. Most males are brought up to protect women. If this is true, the more women who become proficient in self preservation, the more men can trust them to help themselves. It will release these men from the innate feeling of having to protect them or in general just worrying about them.
    In societies that don't regularly use women as combatants; a strong, capable, skilled female can be disarming and give an advantage against attacking forces. Many males in such societies will hesitate before firing upon a female. You experienced LE /Military guys can weight in more here..please correct me if I am wrong.

    4. As a "Sport"

    I can think of few sports that can give you such a two-fold advantage in life preservation yet provide enjoyment. Sure, if you play football you can tackle them, if you are a runner, you can run, (but can you outrun a bullet?) if you are a golfer you can hit 'em with a club if one is around.
    Marksman ship as a sport can help you in several areas. Eye-hand coordination, attention to safety, patience, knowledge and skill with firearms...all can be used in other areas of your life. Not to mention the equipment you purchase can be used for self preservation as well as for the sport. Can you do that with skis?

    5. The far fetched one

    Ok, unlikely this may happen, but what if our nation is invaded? What if fighting occurs on our soil? History is full of civilians who helped the armed forces protect the land in times of combat.
    Will you be able to? How many women have protected their homes from marauders, rapists, and plunderers from invading forces throughout history. Just food for thought.

    It's an ugly world out there. Give yourself and your family the advantage.

    "Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God you learn." ~ C. S. Lewis