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Harris bipod - which hight ??

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  • Harris bipod - which hight ??

    I looking to buy a Harris bipod, but which hight am I to choose.. I'm mostly a prone shooter/hunter, and would not use it for other than that.. But is the 6"-9" enough ? or would the 9"-12" do a better job ?? If the i grass or soft ground ect. I'm a slim shooter, I dont carry a lot of weight on the front ;-)

    Please give me your thoughts


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    I have found the 6-9 to be just about perfect for bench and prone work. Most of the time it stays at 6" or just a little more (this is all at the range). Now for hunting this may not be the choice for you. I have a second one just for hunting. I believe its a 11"-23" model. This allows me to shoot from the seated position to clear the grass in the area I hunt.

    If I were to buy another one I would opt for a swivel model with the notched legs. This would save alot of time setting up the shot.


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      I really like the Harris 9-13 LM-S notched leg swivel bipod with a pod-loc added. It gets low, but still will give you enough travel to clear grass, sticks, whatever. Or if you're shooting at extreme angles it's a great tool as well.

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        +1 To Gunners choice... I bought a swivel 6-9" BRM and while it works great for normal bench shooting it doesn't get you out of the grass and like I discovered at Homecoming... the 9-13 is the way to go for any non-horizontal shooting.

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          6-9", swivel base, notched legs.

          Have 2 of them.
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            Depends alot on your stature. If your a small person and not big chested, then a 6-9 would probably be right for you. If your a bigger guy and your off the ground a little, then a 9-13 would probably be more your style.
            Also take into consideration what gunner said. Shooting in tall grass or at angles is really hard with a shorter bipod like the 6-9
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              I carry two with me a 9-13 rock creek and an 11-23 Harris for hunting ground hogs. the 9-13 works great for prone shots and i extend the legs to get over grass or strands of wire in the fences. i use the 11-23 for sitting shots or prone shots from the side of a hill shooting across to another hill were you can't get enough elevation with the 9-13.


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                If you run a search, you'll find an excellent reply from SpecOpsScout to a similar question.
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                  Yeah it the 11-23 works great for getting up over high grass and alffalfa, and beans. Just for the record he has been doing a pretty good job on the ground hogs this year. He has more time than I do.
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                    If you run a search, you'll find an excellent reply from SpecOpsScout to a similar question.[/b]

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