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.308 168 SMK OR 175SMK FOR 1000 YARDS?

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    OK....I'm convenced that 2700FPS is a very obtainable goal. I am looking forward to getting this load up and running for my FN. Has anyone had any pressure issues when pushing the 175SMK at 2700 and beyond. I am a big fan of velocity but retaining the bolt in the rifle is also a priority!!LOL


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      This isn't a mild load. I'd sneak up on it a coupla tenths at a time starting at around 42.2gr of IMR 4064.

      With my load, the primers are flattening, but less than milsurp ammo does. The bolt doesn't stick or anything like that; there are no telltale signs on the brass and the primer shows me the only pressure signs.
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        When I reload (which is not a good idea), I push my 175s out 2800 - 2850. Elevation at distance is less and windage adjustments are almost half what those around me are using. The load is not a compressed load, but it is full... winky
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          What load are you using to get 2850FPS with the 175SMK and is there signs of high pressure? Also..what length barrel are you using? I would like to get that velocity without damaging the brass.


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            uh oh... 2800 fps + ?

            Make sure you have the video camera running when you shoot, it should be better than the primer pics ukliam2

            43.8gr of Reloader15, 175SMK, win brass, wlr primer gets me 2680 average.

            44.0gr of Reloader15, 175SMK, win brass, wlr primer gets me 2750 average with slight primer flattening.

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              I would have to agree with Dean, Im using only of Reloader 15 to get the 175SMK up to 2660fps and only showing small signs of pressure but when I had gone up to 43.5,I notice recoil was more harder and primers starting to flatten.
              It didnt feel right to me so I went back down to of RL15. I wish I knew how to post a picture on this forum so you guys can see what my loads are doing at 100yrds.
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                I'm a new writer,but a long time shooter,been PD sniper for 15+yrs.
                The 175 was originally designed to replace the aging LC 173 for service rifle shooters to shoot 1000yds.Since,the 175 has taken its place among all kinds of long range shooters,even with bolt guns.We have since changed our duty load to the 175.A heavier bullet almost always gives you better terminal ballistics,and personal testing showed excellent results with glass.
                My personal load is 42.0 grs of Re-15 with a molly coated 175 in my super match,holds great at 1000.As with any load,you have to watch chamber pressure,and port pressure with the M1A.
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                  I started out reloading just about a month ago. My first shot out the gate was loading both the 168 and th4e 175 to test for the best load hoping that the 175s would end up as good or better then the 168s which I know my rifle shoots well.

                  I loaded up some 168s with IMR 4064 and some 175s with Varget. It turns out that they both shot under 1/2 inch groups with near max loads. So I could choose which to use. I chose the 175s to rework and develope simply becuase the 175s buck the wind a little better, plus they can do what the 168s can close in and better then the 168s can further out.

                  my 175 load ended up

                  Sierra 175 MKs
                  Lapua 308 Virgin brass, now once fired.
                  CCI BR2 primers
                  and 45.0 grains of Varget

                  This load is shooting 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards and is just getting better now that the brass is fireformed.

                  I was going to try the 175s with the 4064 just to see how it goes but then decided not to becuase even if I found a load that would shoot under 1/2 inch at 100 yasrds with 30 cal bullets, I would not be able to take advantage of the little extra accuaracy since my shooting would not be able group much better then the 1/2 inch. There is not much room in a 1/2 inch group of 5 shots that is not the bullet itself. SO I figured I was done and found the best load.
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